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Biomimetics: A strong light organic material that promises a ton of eco features

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Seems like nature has all the answers for our problems and while we are busy searching elsewhere, the best solutions lie all around us. Biomimetics is the science of imitating nature’s design and taking inspiration from the planet when it comes to synthesizing the technologies of tomorrow. Researchers seem to have stumbled upon a material of super-strength and great buoyancy as they continue their exploration of the wonders of the natural world. By combining the waters strider’s ability to move on the surface of water with wood’s inherent buoyancy scientists have come with a brand new material that seems to open up a world of possibilities.

One-Pound Boat That Could Float 1,000 Pounds

The new material has been made with a substance called ‘Aerogel’. This is composed of the tiny nano fibrils and is highly buoyant along with being incredibly strong. This allows the material to be used in a wide variety of applications. Since it is basically a cellulose based product, it can be manufactured in abundance and will not really harm the planet. And, since cellulose need not be obtained from food crops, it does not affect the food supply as well.

The cheap nature of the material required to generate aerogel along with its abundance in availability make it a perfect alternate to many plastics around today. It also seems to have an amazing ability to absorb oil with ease and combined with its ability to float; this new substance could clean up oil spills in a jiffy. Also its strength allows you to build flotation devices that will weigh ultra light and yet carry weights a lot heavier than the carriers of today. That really has us excited about the aerogel induced nanocellulose and we cannot wait for some of its applications to be shown off.

Via: Sciencedaily

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