New biological solution helps purify water with bacteria

There’s absolute no vagueness about the fact that every single soul needs clean water to survive and probably that’s where the exigency of developing efficient solutions for water arises. To provide the world with clean water, the Yissum Research Development Company has devised a new environmentally friendly solution that renders assistance in purifying the contaminated water.

Getting dirty water clean with bacteria

The biological system, conceptualized by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, utilizes bacteria as unique bio-filters and significantly trims down nitrate levels in water sources. The advanced technology not only renders clean water, but also thoroughly decontaminates it from boron and nitrates.

The cost-effective technique also helps decontaminate water from several other substances without giving rise to any possible contaminants. Thus, it can be infused in various water purifying systems – whether for consumption or agricultural purposes. Designed with utmost attention, the technology lessens high nitrate levels in water, irrespective of whether its sea water or fresh water, and makes it suitable for water purifying systems.

To ensure that the nitrates levels are eradicated from the water, the researchers also created new, effective polymer carrier beads that are integrated with denitrifying bacteria. By taking advantage of this effectual biological medium, the quality of water is anticipated to be enhanced by a considerable extent. Not only will it contribute to improving the water quality, but will also leverage the quality for an extensive range of aquarium fish – hopefully, which will further elongate their life expectancy.

However, the efficiency of the solution has been demonstrated in aquariums of up to 200 liters, where the accumulation of nitrate was efficiently controlled. As of now, the new biological solution to clean bacteria water is tested for treating water and in purifying wells of groundwater.

The environmentally friendly water cleaning technology was unveiled recently during the WATEC Conference. The research team is yet to divulge further details on the same.

Source: Israel21c

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