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G-Bike: A user friendly ‘bi-functional’ bike

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It was only in the case of Bimoped that we were talking about the importance of collective functionality of city based vehicles. Moving along those same user defined lines, industrial designer, Dongwan Jo has conceived his vehicular ‘G-Bike’ (Gymnastic City Bike) concept. Envisaged as a two wheeler craft with dual functionality, the contraption will conscientiously adhere to a low emission form of electric based transportation.


The endeavor as a whole, poses as a self sustaining system, with adroit design considerations. As we mentioned earlier, the G-Bike is bi functional in nature with two separate yet simplistic modes: a stationary fitness bike component and a mobile electric bike component. This adjustable bearing is achieved by a uniquely flexible structural attribute, which can be reconfigured by the user.

In simpler terms, this means that the contraption can be intuitively transformed from an electric bike to an exercising device by the user himself. For example, in maneuverable electric mode, the craft looks like a sleek two wheeler contraption with minimalist demeanor. But, this same vehicle can be folded into a smaller exercise oriented component, with the core pedal system emerging out . This pedal system is connected to an electric battery, which recharges according to the magnitude of your ‘human powered’ pedaling. This generated charge in turn would again fuel your low emission driving romps around the city, in the electric bike mode. So, in a way, the whole process alludes to a self sustaining, cyclic scope of user defined transportation.

Now, beyond the ambit of exercising and battery charging, the designer has also incorporated the essence of convenient portability in his design. The bantam bearing of the G-Bike is complimented by its equally compact power train, in the form of hubless wheel motors. Moreover, other user friendly features like rear lamps, adjustable seat and a mobile dock above the handle accounts for a richer yet sustainable driving experience.

Via: Coroflot

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