Best Solar Powered Watches

Solar watches are one of the wonders of modern technology. They take their energy from the sun and store it in a rechargeable battery. This battery never needs to be changed, thus making an important contribution toward a pollution free environment. These eco friendly watches are not only cost effective, but also very attractive and appealing in design. Currently Seiko and Citizen are the two biggest manufacturers of these watches.

Solar powered watches by Tocs

This eco friendly watch is powered by the sun (or indoor lighting). Once fully charged, the watch works for over 100 hours without being exposed to light. It has been designed by highly talented designers using superior materials to make the timepiece more appealing. Not only is this watch solar powered, but also waterproof, the combination which is almost impossible to be found. And the best thing, it is priced at only $50.

Pulsar Men’s Solar Powered Tech Gear Dive Watch

This cool and stylish watch was a spectacular breakthrough among the solar powered watches. It features a Solar 4000 Technology and can get charged from any light source, offering 180 days uninterrupted power upon full charge. The watch has a blue dial with luminous hands and numbering symbols for great visibility even during the night. Precise quartz movement and water proof to 200 meters deep are some other extra features of this watch.

Solar powered Citizen Eco Drive Watch

This elegant watch has been designed to cater to the needs of both professionals as well as ordinary people. It is a revolutionary timepiece that never requires a battery change and remains charged for months at a time, even in the dark. Additionally, it has an awesome and eye catching appearance. Perfect for accompanying you throughout the week, this remarkable, nearly all black timepiece has a circular black dial notched with luminous hour markers for a stylish, minimalist effect.

Nixon Volta solar powered watch

Elegant, refined, and utterly indestructible, this elite watch represents the pinnacle of quality and precision from Nixon. Nixon Volta is Nixon’s first rechargeable and solar powered watch. Just by keeping for few hours in the room light will give you a days worth of battery power, and an hour in the sun will give two months of power. It has a semi transparent dial with solar panel beneath and also features either a PU or leather band. The semi transparent dial allows sunlight to filter through and charge it up.

Solar powered watches by Olivier Demangel

This watch is an extremely appealing design watch by a 3D artist from London, Olivier Demangel, which any tech geek would be drooling over. It is a solar powered watch with the minute solar cell integrated into the center of the watch face, that also tells the time in a most unique way. It contains a number of LEDs on the radius, which illuminate in different patterns to show the time throughout the day. A little obscure, but for some people thats part of the attraction.

Sol by Shin Azumi

The name explains everything about the watch, as Japanese designer Shin Azumi tells how his solar powered watch, the Sol, was designed by him as a result of his extreme love for the sun. This watch unlike most other solar powered devices that try to hide the photo voltaic cell, has made it a design feature, visible on the face of the watch. Sol has a very simple design and is available in a variety of colors, such as orange, green, pink, black and white.

Michael Young designs minimalistic solar operated watch

This ultra modern watch is solar powered and features a button free display. It was designed by Micheal Young for a Hong Kong based brand known as O.D.M. This watch has no buttons but instead comes with a touch screen and the watch is controlled by tapping on different places on it. It’s also got a silver oxide backup battery in case the sun does not shine enough or if it is cloudy.

Casio’s G-Shock Atomic solar watch

This indestructible and classic watch is designed in such a way that it can endure stresses and strains of an active lifestyle like in the gym, at the office, while mountain cycling, chilling at the beach etc. It has atomic timekeeping, which keeps the displayed time perfect with the help of radio signals. It can identify 29 times zones around the globe and is water resistant upto 200 meters. Approximate battery life is 11 months on full charge, without further exposure to light.

Seiko Astron: World’s first solar powered GPS watch

Seiko has recently announced the brand new Seiko Astron, it’s a magnificent timepiece that is solar powered and can receive GPS signals to identify 39 time zones, time and date data utilizing the global network of more than four GPS satellites. With a press of a button, it will connect to one of the GPS satellites that orbit the earth. It will then pinpoint its position and adjust to the corresponding time zone and tell the exact time. There’s also a perpetual calendar which will be accurate as the time.

Casio solar powered watch

After the phenomenal success of the G-Shock and Oceanus series, casio has come up with the new solar powered watch, in which the solar panel is behind the face of watch. Casio solar powered watches don’t ever need battery. They are charged in any light source including sun light or even the fluorescent light. Just a few hours of charge can make the watch work for months.

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