Best green construction techniques for buildings   

Every individual wishes for a beautiful home made from the material that favor a long life span. Being a homeowner, we always opt for using the best construction techniques for our homes. It is imperative that the products used be of good quality, and promise long life periods. Today, green elements are being used in the exterior product used in construction of the building so that they not only satisfies the homeowner’s needs but also help preserve the environment. These green elements are made of recycled and recyclable materials that influence the performance of a home. As per Dr Prem Understanding the green technologies used in home construction is vital live a green life. 

Metal Roofing_1

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing is becoming a famous technique all around the globe. The demand of metal roofing in the residential market has increased over years. These metal roofs cut down your energy costs compared to asphalt roof. These metal roofs are available in different styles and colors, according to architectural work requirements. The shingles and tile used gives a real look and even if you touch it, it does not give a sense of metal.

Insulated concrete forms

The implementation of green building techniques has become a part of the residential and commercial buildings construction style. The best way to accomplish the codes of green techniques is through use of insulated concrete forms. This insulation prevents air leakage and reduces heat loss. Unlike other forms of construction that require high insulation to form a barrier, insulated concrete does not need additional insulation.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding techniques for construction has hit the markets of US and Canada. This technique not only offers not only varieties of color option but also guarantees that these colors do not fade with time. Vinyl siding technique are designed to withstand any weather conditions, and are capable of providing resistance against storm winds with the speed up to of 200mph.

The best advantage of this is it offers the appearance of wood to your home, without putting much of efforts of maintenance unlike a conventional wooden exterior. Due to the siding, the material used is reduced and does not produce as much waste as conventional products.


Bricks are one of the top choices of the construction professionals. One of the advantages that favor the bricks increasing demand is the durability and long life span of bricks. Unlike other materials that need to be replaced repeatedly, bricks requires low maintenance. Bricks also help in saving the environment advantages as they do not contain toxic materials, can be completely recycled, and are biodegradable.


The time has come when we need to be aware construction techniques that are beneficial for environmental preservation. Construction activities result in a lot of waste that harms the environment. Green construction techniques have become a gift for the eco-conscious homeowners.

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