Best eco friendly laminated countertops for your kitchen

Recycled glass countertops are the best option for you, in case you are thinking of remodeling the kitchen. These laminated countertops have been manufactured from thrown away glass products. Available in a range of designs and shapes, these laminated countertops add elegance to your kitchen. Listed below are few laminated countertops for your kitchen. A range of options are available in the market. Take your pick and realize the dream of making your kitchen exquisite and elegant.

eco friendly laminated countertop

1. Art glass countertop

This glass countertop has been designed by Michael Mailhot. Available in a range of sizes, shapes and patterns, this countertop can be customized to fit in any kitchen. The flowing lines and polished edges give this glass countertop a unique look. The contemporary glass slab gives the countertop a glossy look. The glass countertop gives your kitchen an esthetic look.

2. Vetrazzo glass countertop

Vetrazzo is known for its innovation. This time it has come up with a unique innovation for your kitchen. The countertop from Vetrazzo is being billed as an eco friendly alternative to the traditionally available countertops. Vetrazzo glass countertop has a durable surface and is made of 100 percent recycled glass. With continuous use, the glass countertop develops a patina thus adding to the elegance of your kitchen. Vetrazzo glass countertop is unique in the sense that it is resistant to scratches and heat.

3. Recycled glass countertop

This glass countertop from the house of Ice Stone is made from recycled glass, natural pigments and portland cement. The contemporary appearance of this glass countertop gives it a unique look. This recycled glass countertop from Ice Stone is fire-resistant and does not emit any toxins.

4. Antilia wading pool glass countertop

This undoubtedly is one of the best countertops crafted by Kohler. The glass countertop is available in translucent ice finish. The rough surface of the glass countertop makes it extremely easy to clean and use.

5. Eco-countertop by Cosentino

Billed as the perfect green alternative to the traditional countertop, the Eco-countertop by Cosentino is unique in the sense that it is made from post-industrial recycled ceramic and glass. Sparking look for your kitchen is guaranteed as the countertop gives a unique look to the kitchen with bits of mirror visible in the countertop. Eco-countertop is unique in the sense that it is non-porous and does not require much care. The countertop is resistant to heat, scratches and stains.

6. Recycled glass countertop

Recycled glass countertop is another unique entrant in the category of laminated countertop you cannot ignore. This recycled glass countertop has been manufactured from recycled green material. This countertop is a viable substitute to any countertop made from natural stone. This glass countertop though needs bit of care as one needs to reseal it occasionally with a wax based formula. The recycled glass countertop is unique in the sense that it is environment-friendly. The countertop is also heat-resistant and less absorbent than a marble or concrete-based countertop. The countertop has been designed by Gilasi.

7. Glass countertop by Urban Slabs

If you are budget conscious, the glass countertop by Urban Slabs is your best bet. The countertop has been manufactured using cement matrix. This glass countertop has been made using recycled glass like beer, water and liquor bottles being used for making the countertop. Used glass bottles have been mixed with Portland cement giving the countertop a unique look. The surface is scratch-resistant and offers protection from stains.

Other options

Apart from individual designers, a range of companies offer Eco-friendly laminated countertops for your kitchen. Formica, Wilsonart and Arborite are some of the companies that offer unique laminated countertops for your kitchen. These companies offer vast choice in terms of colors, texture and finish.

Advantages of laminated countertops

Laminated countertops offer unique advantage over outer countertop materials. Laminated countertops offer precisely unlimited choices in terms of designs, styles and patterns. Laminated countertops are less porous than other countertops available in the market. This makes the laminated countertops unique in the sense that there is less likelihood of bacterial presence in the countertops giving your kitchen a truly hygienic look. As recycled materials have been used in the manufacturing process, these turn out to be inexpensive when compared to other materials as stainless steel and natural stones. Laminated countertops are environment-friendly in the true sense and are easier to maintain. The laminated finish gives the countertop an innovative look and makes your kitchen sparkle in the true sense.

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