Best eco friendly home additions for green interiors

Do you want to make your interiors go green? Your answer will probably be “yes” since almost all of us want to do our bit to save the environment. Well, you can do this by using the right finishes for walls and floors, paint, building products, furniture, etc. and by choosing all kinds of sustainable resources. The quality of the Indoor air, efficiency of the lighting techniques, alternatives for energy sources and water management should feature on your list of priorities while planning for green interiors design. So, below are a few things necessary for building your green interior spaces that would help you in your decision of trying to conserve the ecology of our planet.

Eco-friendly home

1. Natural Latex

Eco-friendly mattress

The main element of the mattress of this bed is the milk of the rubber plant. It is becoming very popular in America. The elasticity of this mattress is very high. It is also very supple and can last for fifteen years. This ultra-modern mattress draws inspiration from the past only. You would feel an out of the world experience while sleeping on natural latex. You would get lulled to sleep with the warmth, the tractable and spongy feel of the mattress. Organic cotton and wool covers the whole mattress. And being completely natural, it is hundred percent renewable and biodegradable.

2. Green bed

Eco-friendly bed

Arthur Xin has designed the ‘Ecotypic Bed’ that gives you everything you would have ever dreamt about your bed. You would feel as if you are sleeping amidst the vines. The best feature of the Ecotypic Bed which is otherwise called the Green Bed is that you can grow your favourite vines on it. It works on kinetic energy provided by the battery which is stored beneath the bed. The kinetic energy is generated when someone lies on top of it. There are LED lights attached to the frame of the bed that gets lighted by the energy produced. When any physical activity takes place on the bed, the kinetic energy produced as a result is used to run the music system that is integrated in the bed. It also has a storage space under it. It also bears a flower box where the seed of any kind of plant could be grown and it would grow on its frames.

3. Recycled glass Countertop

Recycled glass Countertop

Urbanslabs is the best option of all available for those who want to do or redo their kitchen in an eco friendly yet economical way. A distinctive manufacturing process and a sophisticated mix design has given birth to this countertop that is manufactured using a proprietary cement medium. It is manufactured from hundred percent post consumer glass that is recycled. Liquor, wine and beer bottles are cleaned and crushed to mix with portland cement and some proprietary additives. It has a brushed exterior feel and an excellent scratch resistance since it has gone through the Eco Precast exclusive surface polishing process. It is scratch and stain resistant. It’s flexible yet strong.

4. Eco Shower


Victor M. Aleman has designed an eco-shower that uses power of the pedal to function, integrating an easy-going exercise schedule into the daily shower. The storage of water for the shower is at the base. When the user stands on the base made of wooden blocks, the water is compelled up into the tank overhead. When the wooden blocks keep going down, a cylinder shaped metallic rod comes out protruding that makes the user change his position to another wooden block in an uninterrupted dance step like pattern. The electricity produced by the turbine which is driven by the water that is directed up into the overhead tank, heats the water for the shower.

5. Shower Brake

Shower Brake

To support water conservation, Dae Hyun Kim and Sang-in Lee designed the Shower Brake. It uses visual feed back to uphold the preservation of water. The quantity of water that has to be used is set by pulling up the shower regulator which is mounted on top of the water pipe to the shower head. As the process continues, the regulator falls in level giving a visual indication to get done with your shower before the water stops. You can obviously pull the regulator again, but that would be an obvious indicator of water wastage. The regulator also has settings for temperature and pressure.

6. Evening Breeze Canopi Bed

Eco- friendly Bed

Irritated with the continuous hustle of an AC or a almost-tornado experience under a fan? The solution is with the Evening Breeze Canopi Bed. You get to enjoy a goodnight sleep in the most appropriate temperature. There is a ventilation system integrated into the bed. To give you a sound sleep, it circulates the air around the bed. Energy too is saved in the process as the conditioned air keeps revolving around the bed. There is a remote control to set the temperature. You room also gets a contemporary look because of a well thought technology.

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