Benefits of a home made using eco-friendly materials

Because of the growing pollution, green homes are more preferred nowadays. Not only are they energy efficient, but also environment friendly. A green home is good for you, your environment and as an investment. This article is all about the advantages of green homes.

save money

1.   Save Expenses:

Since a green home is made out of pre measured and pre fabricated parts, it will have a dual advantage – it will be easy to construct and will save your expenses of labor and assembly.


2.   Avoiding Waste build up:
With the green home, you can eliminate the construction waste by almost 80 percent. It is because the green home construction is done by bringing the raw material to the site of construction and cutting it as required. The green construction follows the motto of “measure twice and cut once”.


3.   Energy Efficient:

The green construction is focused on a home design that facilitates maximum use of energy, giving sufficient warmth in winter and ample shade in summer. Such a home is cheap to heat in winter and can be easily cooled in summer.

This greatly helps in reducing your electricity consumption and your bills. The insulation can be greatly increased by using precisely cut fabricated raw material. The photovoltaic cells that are currently used in green homes considerably reduce the utility bills and help you save more.


4.   Materials used in a green home: 

You can find a number of materials that could be used in making a green house right from the construction to the final decoration.

A.  Organic Sheets: These are made from organic cotton, i.e. cotton that is cultivated without the use of pesticides, harmful chemicals or dyes. There are sheets and curtains made from recycled materials and are free of toxic and cancerous materials.

B.   Phosphate free Laundry Wash: This made from organic plants and other organic materials. It is biodegradable.

Factors like energy conservation through the use energy efficient appliances, energy efficient cooling, heating and lighting systems, water conservation system and use of naturally renewable resources and materials should be given priority while constructing the green home.


With the growing awareness of the global hazards caused by environmental deterioration, the demand of green homes is increasing. By making this small effort to go green, we can contribute towards the betterment of our environment the fruits of which will be enjoyed by our future generations.

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