Old barn gets new life as a sustainable adobe

The Blanco residence in Texas is a magnificent green structure with an old age look and no one will be able to guess that there was a barn once in the very same place. Located in Austin, the home has been cCononstructed by Jackson & McElhaney Architects. The coveted design has bagged numerous awards given out by local, state, national and even international organizations.

Converted barn becomes a sustainable masterpiece

The look

A down-to-earth edifice, this green building comprises two stories. It is a simple, snug and comfy home that will charm all onlookers. The house has a commodious 3200 square feet of living area. The kitchen and living room have been built on the second level, while the first floor houses the bedrooms. The house has a total of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all constructed on the first level. The north and south roofs of the house have dormers fitted in. The view of the countryside from the dormers is simply breathtaking; you can see the scenic hilly slopes of Texas from here. The dormers also keep the house luminous and airy. There is a catwalk connecting the living room to a studio, which is flooded with light.

Green quotient

The builder has tried to keep as many features and elements of the old barn, very few details have been reworked upon to build a new house. By reusing old materials as far as possible, the builder has stuck to the benign cause of green living. The dormers bring in natural light into the house and also keep it well ventilated thus reducing dependence on power supply. An old oak tree stands tall inside the house reminding you how important it is to preserve plant life. Surely, the structure does a lot to preserve natural elements like water as well as air and even helps to conserve energy.

Via: Alternative Consumer

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