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Awesome DIY strategies for greening your home

by Ecofriend1874

Greener living: packed with benefits

Reduce your carbon footprint by adopting the green living methods and save the environment- this statement sure brings a lot of questions and one of them is what exactly are green living methods and how do they benefit one and all? Green living can also be addressed as sustainable living and it can be defined as cutting down the usage of the natural resources by an individual or the society as a whole. By cutting down the usage now we can save the resources for the future generations. Adopting green methods can be done at home and at office and there are more than one ways to adopt sustainable living methods.


What are the ways that must be adopted to lead a greener life? This question is exactly what we will answer further in the discussion and we will give you some great methods that you can implement by yourself in your home to make it a greener home. These ways are truly awesome and DIY which means that you can do it yourself. There is no time to waste therefore let us explore the awesome methods to have a greener home.


Ways to have a greener home

  • The commitment to a greener lifestyle will be easy to follow with these tips as they are DIY. The first one is to opt for a low-flow shower-head as that is a great way to save water. Everyone loves taking morning showers and this morning ritual would be even more fun when you can shower and also save water at the same time. This is possible with low-flow shower-heads which are easily available in the market and in many different models so the user can definitely pick one according to their preference. These shower-heads are definitely effective as they can help the user save up to 8 gallons of water per 5 minutes of taking a shower, isn’t it great?

  • As per a report submitted by the Department of Energy in United States, only around 20 percent of houses which were built prior to 1980 were adequately insulated. This is definitely not a good thing as houses without insulation are clear invitation to the wasted outside air and therefore everyone must go for weather-stripping as that helps to lock the hot unwanted air outside and keeps the cool air inside the house.
  • When one commits to save the Earth and adopt green methods then making the most of the plastic zip bags is like one of the easiest methods. For reusing the zip bags you can always wash and rinse and then use them again and again till they are completely worn out. This tip is one of the easiest and most effective ones to add their green effect in the house.
  • Phantom power is primarily the energy taken by the electronic devices when they are not in use. These gadgets plus electronic devices consume energy even when they are just plugged in so save the energy by unplugging the devices that are not being used at a certain point of time.
  • Drying clothes is a universal activity but most of the people use drying machine instead of using a clothes line. This has to be the other way round if you wish to lead a green life as by using a clothes line instead of a dryer you really save a lot of energy.

These were some of the DIY tips for getting a greener home and all of these above mentioned tips are easy to implement and follow and they really can make a big difference.

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