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Smartly innovative things you can do with your bike

In the recent times there has been much talk and brouhaha about the optimum usage of our energy sources, be these the conventional ones like coal and oil, or the renewable ones like solar, wind etc. And in the middle of this contemplatively serious debate

Amazing solar-powered cars developed by students

The ever-spiraling cost of fuel and its equally harmful effects on the environment has forced many to think of newer and greener sources of energy for their cars. The breakthrough came when Ed Passerini (in 1977) constructed his own completely solar-power

Most spectacular solar-powered concept cars of 2010

While electric car manufacturers kept rolling out electric vehicles throughout the year, there was no dearth of analysts who believed that the electric car revolution would need the grids to deliver more electricity, which won’t always come from renewab

Zero-emission taxi concepts to change the way we commute

With urban roads getting congested, it’s always better to hire a cab instead of driving your own ride and getting stuck in the endless queue of cars. Hiring a cab leaves you with the option of discontinuing the journey and finding another cab at a dista

Innovative cars pedaling towards a green future

The rise in the price of fossil fuel and threats like global warming are the driving forces behind the development of several eco-friendly zero-emission vehicles. When it comes to zero-emissions, nothing beats the good old bicycles. While several auto des

Electric bikes riding us into green pastures

About a decade ago, not many would have expected bicycles to be a rage in time, but with the rate at which fossil fuel sources are depleting today, we’re left with no option but to head back to the bicycles. They’re clean, don’t require any visits to

Best trikes we’ll need in the green world tomorrow

Adding a third wheel to bicycles not only improves safety, but also betters handling on rough terrains. Moreover, the addition of an extra wheel adds some more space which can be used for a second seat or a canopy for wet days. Since bicycles are often ex

Zero-emission supercar concepts to ride you in utmost luxury

Supercars are usually associated with screaming engines that drink gas like there is no tomorrow. However, there is no dearth of customers who love to possess these beasts, as they are good at turning some heads on the streets. The recent demand to curb e

Acura’s RLX to be showcased at 2012 NY International Auto Show

Acura, the luxury automobile division of Honda Motor Company, has big plans for the upcoming New York Auto Show with the exhibition of the aging RL’s successor. Acura’s latest flagship sedan will most likely be named the RLX. The automaker has already

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