Acura’s RLX to be showcased at 2012 NY International Auto Show

Acura, the luxury automobile division of Honda Motor Company, has big plans for the upcoming New York Auto Show with the exhibition of the aging RL’s successor. Acura’s latest flagship sedan will most likely be named the RLX. The automaker has already applied to trademark the name RLX with the Trademark office and U.S. Patent, a bold move, which seems like an effort to erase two letter names from the manufacturer’s stable.

New Acura Flagship to Debut at the New York International Auto Show

Acura’s RLX is all set to substitute the out classed and aged RL. Although Acura has not made any official announcements or released the specifications for its new luxury vehicle, it is speculated that the RLX will still use the old engine and an all wheel drive powertrain. The only difference is that the RL’s successor will be using a brand new high output SH-AWD hybrid system for spinning the rear wheels with the help of electric motors. It will feature a 3.5 liter V6 engine along with two motors, which are capable of generating 20kW. It has also been reported that the systems will be lighter than the mechanisms found on the RL though they will still offer torque vectoring capability.

Currently, with the RLX’s replacement for the RL, the TL will be the last of the old guard still hanging on for dear life in Acura’s lineup of two letter name vehicles. There are rumors that in the future, the car manufacturer will have only three sedans to offer; the RLX and the new ILX are among the two, which makes you wonder whether it will be the TSX or the TL to be discontinued. With the company’s new fancy for three lettered names, it seems that TL is the perfect candidate to be discontinued. But as mere spectators, we will just have to sit back and enjoy the show and wait for what the future holds.

Via: Acuranews

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