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Best trikes we’ll need in the green world tomorrow

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Adding a third wheel to bicycles not only improves safety, but also betters handling on rough terrains. Moreover, the addition of an extra wheel adds some more space which can be used for a second seat or a canopy for wet days. Since bicycles are often expected to rule the streets once fossil fuels sources are dry, modifications in existing designs will always be saluted. Here is a list of 15 such tricycles that do add more sense to pedal-powered transport.

Urban Commuter Trike

The Urban Commuter Trike by Tim Tobola features solar panels that can recharge the onboard batteries in just 2 hours, providing a 30-mile range. When the battery supply runs out, the user can go back to the conventional pedal mechanism.


Designed by Monash University student Alexander Vittouris, this zero-emission personal mobility vehicle is constructed from sustainable materials including bamboo. Dubbed theBamTrike, the recumbent trike also features side storage pockets that are sufficient to carry your personals. The use of bamboo not only betters the eco-credentials of the trike, but also betters safety as bamboo compares to fiberglass in woven form.


The Trik.E comes from the design house of Speed Studio Design and includes features that can allow it to be a true alternative to cars for around-town transportation. The Trik-E comes with weather protection to allow you to drive it year-round. The designers don’t state the operating range the vehicle is expected to have, but with the pedal-power system available as a backup, you’ll never be left stranded without a charge.

Twin Trike

The Twin Trike concept by designer Cikaric Dragan uses the additional wheel to make space for a second seat. The concept has been designed for those who love to share their green efforts with their family or friends. All the controls of the tricycle are operated by the front rider, while the tricycle features two transmissions to ease the commute. Most of the parts of the trike are to be made from carbon-fiber, making the concept extremely lightweight and durable.


The Tringa is a collapsible trike for urban commuters. Designed by Gyula Tiszai, the Tringa has an alternative swinging level drive and a rope transmission that makes the vehicle easy to drive and more comfortable.


The brainchild of designers Alexander and Inga Peterson, the Valetudo is a three-wheeled commuter bike made from recycled plastic. The bike has a one-piece frame that has been made from recycled plastic. The plastic casing all over the bike’s body not only makes it look stunning, but also prevents the metal parts inside that include the gear and pedal mechanism, from rust. Rubber saddle bags are attached to this bike to keep your groceries and other items safe.


The STEM by Tobias Bexten is an electric commuter bike running on three wheels. The onboard electric motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged via a city-wide network of charging spots. The vehicle can also be rented to daily commuters, which allows them to do their bit for the environment without actually purchasing the vehicle.


The Try-Cycle has been conceptualized by the folks at Humo Design. The trike has been designed to displace the front wheel to incline the vehicle for changing direction, provoking new experiences of displacement.

Byess Go-One Evolution

The Go-One Evolution features superior ventilation, a canopy providing room for tall riders, less chain noise and a more sensitive and comfortable rear suspension. Just like its predecessor, the Go-One3, the Go-One Evolution also features an outer shell made from lightweight carbon fiber composite.

Catrike 700 Recumbent Tadpole Tricycle

The Catrike 700 Recumbent Tadpole Tricycle is light, low and has a 700c rear wheel for lower rolling resistance and smoother riding. The 700 has a direct steering and its longer wheel base helps eliminate brake steer.


The Whike is essentially a tricycle attached with a 1.6m sail. It can ride on routes meant for bikes as well as normal roads. While the novelty factor with a Whike alone gives sportspersons their share of excitement, it proves an excellent alternative to petrol-driven bikes, cars and even public transport.

The Hauler

The Hauler is an all-terrain, mountain-bike style recumbent tricycle, which sports its own solar panel powering an onboard motor that provides electric assist riding. The tricycle can carry a load of up to 300 pounds and can hit speeds in excess of 20mph.

DIY Solar Powered Trike

The DIY Solar Powered Trike features three wheels and a set of solar panels that power onboard batteries. This renewable electricity can take the trike to a top speed of 18mph depending on the weight of the rider.


The INNESENTI Tricycle might not look to be the most comfortable tricycle you’ve ever ridden on, but does ensure that your backbone is able to rest on the comfortable cushioned chair. The trike is powered entirely by the pedal mechanism. The company states that they will be able to adjust and customize the seating system for each customer.

XE Tricycle

The XE is the brainchild of industrial designer Omer Sagiv and aims to double as an exercise cycle. The pedal mechanism charges the onboard battery pack, which can later be used as an electric tricycle.

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