Artist creates tree sculptures from individual branches arranged in reused glass containers

In our modernistic times, there is no dearth of extravagance, decadence and even debauchery that is committed in the name of ‘art’. However, as far as real, simple art entails, it is the pure heartfelt essence rather than the hyped impact that holds upholds a conception’s overall integrity. In this respect, artist Naoko Ito has taken the literally ‘transparent’ path, with his uniquely fascinating creations of bedecked trees, with their branches painstakingly arranged within smaller glass containers.


We are not sure on how the individual branches were acquired; but, we would presume that many of them were just salvaged. After that, the procedure required them to be carefully organized within the aforementioned glass jars, some of which even contains smaller jars. However, the main trick of the whole artistic endeavor alluded to the perfect stacking of these jars. This in turn would finally add to the effect of a real albeit leafless tree perceived through an ethereal veil.

Now, many of you may be wondering why we picked up this project to write about. Of course, it has to do with the conception’s ‘green’ pedigree. How so? Well, for starters the art work does stand as a strong metaphor for cutting and environmental destruction of trees to serve our ‘decoration’ purposes. Moreover, beyond any artistic statement, the glass containers used in the sculpture were completely recycled from earlier used jars.

Via: Toildrops

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