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Artist creates animal sculptures from old CDs

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Recycling has become a global trend in today’s world. In the past we have seen lots of sculptures made out of recycled paper, automobile parts etc. and every artist or designer has looked forward to create a unique product by reusing something, which has lost its value. Going green, this time Australian artist, Sean Avery, has created unique sculptures using old and shattered CDs.

Sculptures of animals and insects

Compact disks, which had once been useful and an efficient medium to store our data, specially music files and videos, become useless as they get old and scratched. As a result these disks either pile up in your CD rack or end up into a garbage bin. Australian Artist, Sean Avery has turned such useless disks into mixed media sculptures of animals and insects. The broken CDs have been recycled by making truly magnificent masterpieces of art out of them. The sculptures have been made by giving a great deal of attention to every detail. Fur and feathers of birds and animals have been created with meticulous care by layering the small pieces of broken CDs. The pieces of CD reflect light and make the sculpture a mesmerizing treat for your eyes.

The artist is well known for his astounding work created from recycled materials. He generally prefers to make use of old CDs and computer parts. Whenever any sculpture is created, he makes sure that every piece is unique in its own style.

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