Aromatic ethanol based portable fireplace to ward off the cold

To combat the cold winter months, most of us make use of fire places or electric heaters. While the two do their jobs, it’s a fact that they can be very energy consuming. Conventional fireplaces that use wood require you to cut down precious trees. Not only does this damage the environment on a large scale, but the carbon emissions can be huge. Electric heaters, meanwhile, may not produce smoke, but they need electricity to operate. In a world where natural resources are dwindling, it’s important that alternatives are sought to lessen the burden on the environment, which is why this portable fireplace that runs on ethanol comes as such a welcome sight. Not only can you warm yourself and your home with it, but you can do so in the knowledge that you aren’t chopping down trees or using up precious energy.

Portable Ethanol Fireplace

What we love about the ethanol fireplace is its portability. You don’t need to build a separate fireplace and can carry it with you if you need to relocate. Its contemporary design also goes well with today’s fashion. Each tank provides close to five hours of flame, which should be more than enough to ward off the cold. For it to last for a longer duration, fill it up with more ethanol once it burns out. The steel integrated burners also act as aroma diffusers so if you’re into aromatherapy or just need an aromatic presence in your home, the portable ethanol fireplace is perfect.

Aside from being an ideal addition to your home, the unit can also be carried outside to entertain guests on your porch or garden. The white painted metal units with a single handle can also serve as a decorative piece indoors and outdoors. Combine it with a similarly painted planter for an even bigger effect and gift it to close friends and family.

Via: Digsdigs

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