Apple reportedly taking eco friendly

Apple reportedly taking eco friendly ‘campus approach’ with upcoming Austin facility


The world is a beautiful place and if not taken care of then it will take no time for the beauty to fade away. Environment has been facing a lot of serious threats from demons like pollution and deforestation. People from all over the world are beginning to adopt eco friendly methods of living so as to make their contribution in saving the planet. We owe a lot to the environment and it is our foremost duty to protect it from dangers that we are responsible for. Sustainable methods have been in trend for quite some time now and have made their way into almost every field.


Be it electronics or building materials, there are eco friendly options open every where for the people. Making use of the sustainable means is a wonderful thing in every way as it helps not only the environment but also the person using them to lead a healthy and a long life. It is our duty to make this world a better place and make it even more beautiful for the generations to come. Apple is renowned company and definitely needs no formal introduction to the people. This world famous company is known for many things and recently it was in the news regarding its latest project which will begin construction shortly.


This building process of a facility in Austin has been through a lot of ups and downs but many different design ideas have come forth for building the campus. Apple is considering these ideas and as per the news it is thinking of adopting a sustainable approach for building the facility. The news also reported that Apple has made a lot of alterations in the original plan which was laid out by designing firm.


There are a total of seven buildings that will be built by Apple in the facility and the good news is that two of them have already begun construction. The first phase of the project by Apple has already begun and as per the estimates this phase will cost around fifty six million dollars. The total area that will be occupied by five buildings is around 200, 000 square feet and the other two buildings will increase the total occupied area and the final total will be 1 million square feet.




The other information that was released about the project by Apple includes substitution of the parking areas on the surface by three garages which will have the ability to gather a total of 5,500 vehicles. The sources also state that Apple is trying to utilize the ‘fast track’ permit in order to finish the building process of one of the three garages so that first building can be opened. Apple is trying very hard to make this project a success and build as per the eco friendly methods to make it sustainable.


Eco friendly methods of building have been gaining a lot of popularity these days and different kinds of sustainable building products are available in the market. More and more companies are trying to adopt these methods to make their buildings friendly to the environment. Apple too has joined the league of such companies and is substituting the old driveways with the new pedestrian courts which will minimize the total amount of concrete used in the building process by almost twenty five percent. The whole Austin facility of Apple is scheduled to finish building by the year 2021 and it will come as a boon to the economy as it is suppose to extend around 3, 600 jobs.

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