Best air purifying indoor plants

The best way to ensure pure air and a clean atmosphere at home is to grow plants that breathe out fresh oxygen. However, a few plants on the window sill or under the staircase will not be sufficient to create this environment. At the same time, it is not possible to grow a forest at home. There are some varieties of plants that clean the air better than the others. They grow beautifully adorning spaces in your house and refreshing the ambiance all the time, justifying your efforts in cultivating them.

Boston Fern

This fern with its long and graceful fronds populated with small leaves is sure to win hearts at the first sight itself. It is a tough fern and can withstand dry conditions. It grows easily and can be used anywhere from pedestals to baskets and from groupings to window sills. You can easily propagate the plant during spring; all you have to do is divide the plant during re-potting, and even a small divided segment will root well.Though they thrive well between 60ºF and 75ºF, the ferns can withstand the occasional drought and the cold-air blasts. They grow in a rich, loamy soil and add beautiful greens to the indoors.

Areca Palm

The areca palm has beautiful, feather-like green fronds that radiate from several trunks. A slow grower, the plant gains width before it gains height. It grows straight up and lends an aesthetic feel to the room where it is placed. The plant needs a lot of moisture but excessive watering can lead to root rot. It is best suited for indoors because it is sensitive to salts and chemicals. As the plant grows older, you will notice drying brown tips on the fronds. These are not to be chopped else the growth of the plant will cease. Cut away only the dried branches. The plant is worth all the care and as it stands in all its majesty, it fits in with just any decor.

Lady Palm

The lady palm is also known as the miniature fan palm or the bamboo palm and just like the name suggests, its fronds are separated into fan-like segments. The palm grows from multiple stems and each of these stems is topped with straight upward fronds. It is the best palm for indoor cultivation as it requires just water and light for its growth. Watering can be reduced during winter, but should be liberalized during summers. The palm does not produce seeds and thus it is best to divide it while re-potting.

Chamaedorea seifrizii or the bamboo palm

The bamboo palm or the reed palm is a great air purifier to be used indoors. This palm is grown from seeds and they take about 9 months to sprout. The young seedlings have to be planted in small containers and placed in the shade. The plants then need anywhere between 2-5 years to reach their adult size. The palm is susceptible to spider mites and needs constant attention and care. In return for your labor, the bamboo palm refreshes the ambiance of your house with clean and pure air.

Dracaena Janet Craig

The Dracaena Janet Craig is a very popular table-top plant that can grow in low-light conditions and in dry atmospheres too. The dark leaves which are about 2 feet long and 3 inches wide spread out evenly and lend graceful and symmetric beauty to the interior decor of your house. The leaves are densely packed around the stem and the plant grows to about a foot high. These leaves have been found to remove the formaldehyde and have been used for NASA clean air study.

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