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Aahana Solar Lantern Bracelet: A blessing for areas with no electricity supply

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There are many areas in India that still don’t have any electricity supply. People residing in such off-grid areas face many troubles when dusk sets in, hampering productivity and proving to be a hindrance even while performing basic household chores. Replacing the use of harmful and expensive kerosene for lighting homes with Aahana Solar Lateran Bracelet will surely help in improving the quality of lives in Indian villages.

Aahana Solar Lantern Bracelet

As the name suggests, the environmentally friendly lantern looks like a bangle and will be worn around the wrist. Indian females love adorning themselves with jewelry and this solar lantern has been shaped like a bracelet so that it will ornament her wrist and will not be an obstruction. Aahana Solar Lantern Bracelet has been fitted with solar cells that will harness solar energy when females go out to collect firewood or fetch water. This will in turn power the LED that will brighten up dwellings when it gets dark outside.

The design will not interfere with the personality of Indian women and can be worn every single day. Simply, remove the bracelet when home and elongate its telescoping light diffuser rings. Turn on the LED lighting system, which has been wedged inside the bracelet and see your darkened surroundings beam with the warmth of eco-friendly light in no time.

This will increase a person’s efficiency while working and will make sure that children too can study better when the sun sets. Aahana Solar Lantern Bracelet users save a lot of money as the need to buy kerosene for lanterns will take a backseat. This LED system will payback within two months and will save 12-24 times more energy.

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