A beginner’s guide to choose green furniture smartly

choose green furniture smartly

Green and eco-friendly furniture are way healthier option for health and it adds a lot to the environment. These products are manufactured from sustainable materials so it doesn’t harm the environment as much as furniture made from nonrenewable resources does. There are so many design options are available to choose green furniture which is cost effective too. So what are you waiting for? Let’s consider this guide to help you choose the best green furniture for your home.

Buy sustainable furniture

choose green furniture smartlyOne of the tips to choose green furniture is always looking for wooden furniture that has crafted from sustainable wood from a harvested forest, tree farms and reclaimed wood. If you are buying furniture, there is always an earth-friendly option. Trees are an integral part of our earth to maintain its balance, it provides oxygen which keeps us alive. In other trees help a lot to keep our planet cool. So cutting it and messing with it is not a good option. Rather, there is an option to buy sustainable furniture which has a low impact on the environment and this way we can contribute little to the environment.

Furniture made from reclaimed materials

Wood is one gift which can last for a long time even if you don’t take care of it properly. So why not make good use of the wood that already exists? The idea of using furniture made from reclaimed materials is using wood which comes from old furniture, old houses and other built things which are made up of wood. These things include those which are ready for another use from scrap materials, defective wood or from the other scrap which comes from big factories can be of great use. Most of the time the wood scrap are thrown and thrashed. So why not make use of it? The expert also thinking of an idea to use wood that gets sunk in the river and which gets destroyed in the sawmills. The furniture can be made from all these items are a great example of supply efficiency.

Buy furniture which can be recycled in future

choose green furniture smartlyRecycle option would be there if you buy any piece of furniture. Eco- friendly furniture should be easily recyclable. Keep in mind to look for a product that is made of recyclable materials and can be disassembled again once they have lived its life. These products can be easily taken apart, and recycled at the end of their useful lives.  It will help and allow you to recycle, remade and repurposed the furniture which can save you a lot of money and also affect the environment in a good way.

Buy minimal and flexible

Think of smaller, lighter, flexible and durable furniture that you can fold and put away when you don’t need. Rather than buying bigger which you can neither remove nor fold, it covers the whole space and you have to keep it even if you don’t require it. Go for a flexible one. Why having a big dining table when you are dining alone, rather have a flexible one, fold it when you are eating alone. Having transformer furniture can make use of space whenever you want and can be kept at the side or used for multipurpose when you wanted it.

Buy local stuff

choose green furniture smartlyThink of how many miles your new piece of furniture travels in order to reach you if you have ordered it from a distant store. It includes the shipping charges and also the local economy also gets affected by it. Why not buy local stuff rather. This will not only support the local economy, small craftspeople and also decreases the cost of shipping including the other kind of cost which is included in your furniture. So if possible try buying stuff from the local market which can help you save a lot on cost and resources as well.

Furniture made from bamboo

We all have studied that Bamboo isn’t a tree but it’s a grass. It comes from the family of grass which range in size from tiny to huge tree-like figure. It is in green and brown colored strips. This grows up really fast and designer are keen on using this to make eco- friendly furniture. Bamboo is one versatile material which is very flexible, can be molded, flattened, shaped, pressed and can be reused in many ways. The homeowners like the idea of using it as a window blind. Yes, bamboo can be sliced up to make window blinds and a lot of furniture. Other than this, there are certain things to keep in mind. Bamboo furniture is held together by glue which contains chemicals and harsh inputs and also bamboo crops use a lot of water to grow so it can suck the nutrient from the soil. So, always inquire the stuff before buying.

Buy vintage stuff

choose green furniture smartlyPre-owned goods can contribute a lot to the green purchase. As this second-hand furniture requires no extra cost to manufacture, has no transportation charges and is lessen the load on the landfill. On the other hand, quality furniture can have an amazing resale value as well as much higher rates if buy new furniture.

How Eco-friendly Furniture Benefits you and The World?

At last, why to go for eco-friendly? Let’s consider its benefits. Eco-friendly offers numbers of benefit to the environment. Because of the low chemical toxin content, it reduces the growth of landfills, which automatically cleans up the quality of indoor and outdoor air quality. Importance of choosing the right eco-friendly furniture and reducing the consumption of nonrenewable resources; it helps to keep our planet green. It makes our planet healthy and also you will be able to save a lot on your pocket making the planet greener and healthier to live.

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