Beautiful skyscrapers adorned with green roofs

If you think that a green roof is nothing more than just a lawn on a building, you are utterly mistaken. With factors, like complexity, ingenuity and sustainability, making foray into the architectural scene, the concept of green roof is now adorning some mighty skyscrapers around the globe. The green roofs, aside from cooling off the concrete base, serve as a breeding ground for various plant and animal species.

Here, we have enlisted nine beautiful skyscrapers that have been adorned with green roofs:

Chinatrust Bank Complex Features Modern Buildings with Green Roofs

Yet another step conforming to Taiwan’s green revolution is marked by Chinatrust Bank’s headquarters in Taiwan. The Chinatrust Bank complex is presumably the latest landmark boasting of Taiwan’s green building policy. Purely complementing Taiwan’s green terrain, the building stands ostentatiously displaying green roofs, vertical courtyards and extensive open space in the central plaza.

Felipe Campolina’s Portability Skyscraper features Green Roof and Walls

Brazilian architect Felipe Campolina has come forward with an unique design of an eco friendly green mobile habitation. Each unit of this Portability skyscraper has a steel frame structure and is made with standard OSB plates ensured with thermal and acoustic insulation. Other striking features are tempered glass windows, green roofs and walls and water recycling for the entire building.

Perkins Eastman showcases green towers for Mumbai

In the polluted city of Mumbai, US based firm Perkins Eastman has entered the Kohinoor skyscraper Competition and has come up with two different skyscraper designs thus providing a sort of green relief to the city in the near future.

Suburb in the City: Unique Skyscraper Provides Urban Green

This uniquely designed skyscrapper from Barcelona firm Nabito Architects comes with an unique idea. The building is designed in a way so as the roof of each unit will serve as a space resembling green roof for the apartment above thus benefiting all the tenants. Also called the “Stairscraper”, this building can provide rich sub-urban living experience in the midst of urban hustle and bustle.

Fusionopolis – A truly green skyscraper

The latest futuristic green building adding to the list of the already green Singapore isFusionopolis designed by Malaysian born, UK based architect Ken Yeang. Presumed to be the most eco-friendly building in Singapore, this building will have a vertical spine of planting rising up through the 15-story building. The building will be 1.4 km high.

America’s Tallest Skyscraper gets a Green Makeover

America’s tallest building, Chicago’s Willis Tower is undergoing a green makeover. Wind turbines, green roofs and solar glass panels will be incorporated all of which will reduce electricity consumption by 80 per cent and water usage by 40 per cent. The tallest skyscraper of America will turn into a vertical solar farm. It will cost $350 million that will turn this 110-storey building into a green hub. The project is scheduled to be completed by 5 years and create 3,600 jobs.

Sustainable mixed-use ‘Hyper-Tower’ has a soccer pitch on top

French architect Jaubert Francois has come up with a new green skyscraper design for Paris. The Hyper-Tower includes residential, commercial and sports facilities and consists of two towers. The twin towers are by a vertical park starting in the ground floor and finishing with a soccer pitch on the roof top.

Sky-Terra skyscrapers create green urban space in the sky

San Francisco-based designer Joanna Borek-Clement has conceptualized the Sky-Terra skyscrapers which interconnects various green towers resembling the neuron cells. This structure includes public parks, amphitheaters, fields, and public pools and bathhouses. Where there is no pathway, the space is devoted to open green space. Very unique in its concept and design the Sky-Terra skyscrapers do appear promising but then they also accompany a thrust of boredom for the people on the ground level.

Massive Honeycomb Skyscraper Arches Over Green Space

Conceptualized by Yoann Mescam, Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans, and Xavier Schirr-Bonnans, the massive arch of the Flat Tower is 800 meters across or the length of the Burj Khalifa building set on its side. The roof resembles a hill and have spaces that will provide for the installation of solar panels on the southern face. Facilities for rain water collection, recycling and using the same for harvesting are available.

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