8 Best ecotourism travel destinations in the Caribbean

travel destinations in the Caribbean

The trend for eco-vacation is rising. If you want to spend a vacation devoted to nature, exploring the green gems in the Caribbean would be a memorable venture for you. Here we bring you few greener Caribbean islands committed to reducing carbon footprints offering endless holidaying activities attractive for the tourists:

  1. St Barths:


The most eco-friendly Caribbean island offering you deliciously prepared cuisine from locally produced food. However, there is an economic reason behind this. Imported food is very expensive and the chefs are expert in cooking authentic Caribbean grub. This has been a boon to the local economy and the tourists also get a gratifying slice of local delicacies.

Spots worth exploring are the Shell beach where you find an expansive spread of olive shells, Anse des Cayes to ride on exciting surf and the Colombier Beach for an adventurous hiking along a rugged terrain fringed with Lantier Palms with the Flamands Beach close by. Other adrenaline pushers are snorkeling, Catamaran cruising and sunbathing.

  1. Cayman Islands: 


Crystal clear water washing the coast helps snorkeling enthusiasts get a clear view of the underwater paradise. Chart a cruise and take 20-minute ride to the Stingray city and find yourself among the stingrays if you are interested in swimming in the sea.

An organized 6 hours cruise known as” Six Senses Eco tour” has earned prestigious accolades as it makes snorkeling, visiting stingrays and eco-tour to the Grand Cayman accessible to the tourists. It is all fun-filled adventure! Halting by the Starfish point and sunbathing on private beaches are other attractions. More surprises await you at the sunset as you sail past a colony of slumbering iguanas on your return trip.

  1. St John:


This eco-friendly spot in the Caribbean and the Coral Bay is as fascinating as other fabulous vacation spots if not more. There is an opportunity for safaris and exploring the local ruins with a local guide. Thrilling breaks for hiking, kayaking, and windsurfing exists.

Among crowd pullers, the Catherine berg ruins, Annaberg plantations, and Cinnamon Bay plantations merit special mention. Dolphin Gourmet market will certainly draw your attention. Fresh fruits and drink of your choice are in plenty.

  1. Dominica:

travel destinations in the Caribbean

For its range of biodiversity, environment preservation and conservation efforts are given a high priority in Dominica which forms a robust platform for its economic progress. Wild greenery with rivers and creeks meandering along dense woods makes for a great opportunity for a wild expedition.

This exotic corner of the world shot into limelight with the movie shoot of ‘ Pirates of the Caribbean’. Resorts and lodges are an epitome of comfort and eco-friendly at the same time. They are on constant expansion but not at the cost of the environment. Optimum energy efficiency is their Bible.

  1. Bonaire:


If you are a coral reef freak, this is the place to go. The region is highly protected since the 1970s. Here you get the world’s best diving and snorkeling locations designed to perfection to draw in more tourists for obvious economic reasons. The island’s power supply is drawn from wind energy to completely dispense with the chance of environmental pollution.  Small hotels offer a cozy stay and so does the island’s pricey resorts. All accommodations maintain strict adherence to eco-friendly practices.

  1. Belize:

Coral Reef

This Caribbean paradise has it all. The rainforests, barrier reefs, mountains and the largest cave system in Central America will fascinate you beyond expectation. The surrounding greenery would soothe your eyes and senses. It is one of the most sought-after ecotourism destinations in the Caribbean with a lot of eco-friendly resorts mushrooming, yet preservation of the environment is the top agenda in the island’s growth initiatives.

  1. Costa Rica:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fascinating place to be in. Most of its landmass is given to rainforests, mountains and a long stretch of pristine sea beaches. These are highly protected keeping the mandate of environmental conservation a matter of prime importance. Costa Rica boasts of 5% biodiversity of the world and the country has undertaken untiring efforts to insulate the sky, water, and landmass from the assault of pollutants. Nature camping would be a great experience over here and so would be hiking amid lush woods filled with a range of exotic flora and fauna and occasional volcanic craters to explore.

  1. St Lucia:


Here pristine nature and the modernity of contemporary civilization co-exist without interfering in each other’s domain. There are a plethora of clean and unspoiled sea beaches. Natural parks and hiking terrain would keep you high and active. Primary tourist attractions cover nature camping, kayaking, jungle trekking, hiking and scuba diving.

The Caribbean is endowed with a terrific landscape. Volcanic mountains, wild jungles, untouched water bodies, mangrove swamps and rugged cliffs would clearly enchant you. You will feel your system vibrating in unison with nature. At the same time, you get sheltered in a cozy resort where the dedicated staff is always at your service. What could be a better ecotourism destination compared to the Caribbean islands?

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