7 Reasons why you should buy an electric bicycle

Electric Bike

In today’s world where the threat of global warming and toxic emissions loom large, everyone from a common citizen to big corporate giants is becoming conscious of his or her contribution towards the environment and more importantly lack of it towards this. This has led to a surge in environment friendly products and vehicles. One of these is electric bikes. But why should you be bothered about it? Is it just about saving the planet or is there any other higher purpose to it? Let’s check out top seven reasons why you should buy an electric bike:

1. Remain fit

Electric Bike

How many times have you thought, ‘my clothes don’t fit me anymore’ or ‘wish I had time to exercise’. Well, wish no more, electric bikes are here and they will make you work out while you go to work, to shop, or meet friends. They help in burning calories to keep you in shape.

2. Saves money

Electric Bike

If this global recession hasn’t burned a hole in your pocket, then maintaining an automobile would surely do, especially if you are a short distance commuter. Electric bikes are easier to maintain and cost less per kilometer or mile of commute.

3. No gasoline

No more waiting

Electric Bikes don’t run on gas, that means you no more need to go to pump station to get a refill, or waiting in queue, or worrying about the ever increasing crude oil prices. According to a report, about half of the trips made by motor vehicles are less than three miles and electric bikes have a range of about twenty to thirty miles, enabling you to charge your bikes at your convenience.

4. Parking space

No more parking woes

How many times have you got late for a meeting, an appointment or a date, because you weren’t able to find a parking space. Commuting by electric bikes means no more parking tickets, or looking for a ‘big’, ‘proper’ space for parking. You can easily squeeze electric bikes in any parking lot.

5. Registration, license and insurance

Free Ride

Electric bikes are not considered as a motor vehicle, so one doesn’t need an insurance for them (although you might want to get one for yourself). To ride electric bikes, one doesn’t need a driving license, so it becomes a prefect means of transport for the ones who haven’t got their license yet, or have got their license revoked. Also, no registration for electric bikes means no more waiting in long lines at Department of Motor Vehicles or registration office.

6. Time saver, convenient and fun: Electric bikes are a breeze through traffic, you can easily maneuver them in traffic or a tight spot. You can go through narrow lanes in which normal cars wouldn’t go, plus it would also save time in parking. One can easily charge electric bikes in three to five hours wherever there is a power outlet. You can easily go uphill as motors would supplement your peddling. More importantly, it is a fun way to commute. Imagine yourself going across a countryside feeling the breeze on your face. It is an experience that no ordinary motor vehicle would provide.

7. Environmentally friendly: Yes, last but not the least, electric bikes are environment friendly. They help in reducing your carbon footprint, cutting down toxic emissions, save the natural sanctity of our environment and build a better future for you and many generations to come.

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