7 Examples of Beautiful, Eco-Conscious Furniture

What’s better than exquisite furniture? It’s exquisite furniture that’s also eco-friendly. Not only it looks good inside your living space but it also helps you in showing gratitude to mother nature. Of course, such kind of furniture cost more than the conventional furniture but that’s justified given their greener built. So, here is a list about 7 of the most beautiful environment-friendly furniture pieces.

7 Stunning Eco-friendly Furniture

  1. Abyss Table

    Made from sustainable sourced wood and layered glass, Abyss Table amazingly mimics the blue ocean depths. This dining table has embedded lights that give the intense impression of bottomless sea when they glow. Abyss Table is created by British artist Christopher Duffy. The table is actually a 2.0 version. Dissimilarities from its predecessor includes a dark 4-sided base with lighting and 2 deep hollows. The dimensional configuration of the dining table is 200cm(L)x100cm(W)x75cm(H). There are only 25 pieces of the masterpiece available with a price-tag of 28,500 pounds.

  2. LOCK Coffee Table

    LOCK Coffee Table is crafted from the unusual combination of natural and caramel bamboo and Plankton from Netherlands. Bamboo’s very own bending curve is used to give the furniture piece its astonishing shape. The frame is fully crafted from pressed layers of bamboo. Each layer of the bamboo embraces each other resulting into a lock. Different point of views gives different shapes of this amazing coffee table. On top of the bamboo lock is a clear tempered glass of 80cm diameter. LOCK Coffee Table weighs about 42lbs and is sold at a price of $1,386 (excluding shipping charges.)

  3. Furniture Made from Bacteria and Mushrooms

    Ecovative and bioMASON joined hands to bring a cool new furniture grown completely out of mushrooms and microorganisms. The furniture was unveiled at Biofabricate 2016. While Ecovative is a Mushroom Packaging firm, bioMASON makes biocement. The toxin-free furniture is grown with the help of microorganisms, mushrooms and agricultural waste. Underlying manufacturing process consumes much less energy than used by the present-day furniture manufacturing.
  4. Tyrochairs

    Tyres are very difficult to recycle. The idea of using tyres as seatings might seem ridiculous but it is actually possible. Two industrial engineers Abhishek Srivastava and Bhawna Welturkar have developed an innovative recycling process for tyres. They love to address these seatings made of tyres as Tyrochairs. First the tyre is painted with oil paints and then it is drilled and layered with unalike weaving textures. The tyre is finally transformed into a tyrochair with choir ropes and cloth/nylon strings.
  5. Upcycled Apple Key Furnishings

    Computer keys from Apple laptops are reused by VicoloPagliaCorta, a design studio in Bologna, to make a number of furnishings like tabletops and clock faces. Just like the Apple keys, the products are compact in size and highly useful. The tabletops makes use of 380 Apple keys refurbished to look better than ever. 3 mosaic arrangements are used in the tabletops – letters, numbers and symbols. VicoloPagliaCorta handles everything from packing to distribution of these upcycled Apple keys products.

    Italian firm MOSSMANIA demonstrated how a type of Nordic lichen can be used to decorate living spaces. Lichen is promoted as the new zero-maintenance material to be used inside living spaces. The brand offers a number of products made from lichen, including wallpaper and Japanese raku pottery.

Indoor vertical garden of lichen, unlike standard vertical garden, doesn’t require any watering system or specialist material. Among other benefits of lichen, the decorative provides protection from influenza.

  1. Scooter Chairs

    Designed by a Barcelona-based studio dubbed Bel & Bel, these beautiful Scooter Chairs are made from old original Vespas chasses. The height of these seatings can be easily adjusted. Carles Bel and Jesus Bel, artists and designers of Scooter Chairs, have furnished these chairs in imitation leather. Along with lighting on the back, these vintage chairs come with a reclining feature. One of these unusual chairs can be witnessed at the Italian Piaggio museum, or like those you would usually find at online furniture stores, such as Urban Ladder.


If you want to have any of these amazing furnishings, then you better hurry up, all of them are in limited editions.

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