7- Eco friendly tips for removing snow


During the winters, you can never predict what can happen especially in areas where it snows. It is a tedious job to take out the snow every single day. Many people do go ahead and use salt, but it does have its own downfall. Well, you do not have to worry, since we have a list of eco-friendly ideas that you can use to tackle this situation.

Use a shovel or brooms

broomUsing a shovel or a broom to remove the snow is one of the best ways. They are not only budget friendly but also a perfect way to get some exercise during the winters. While shoving or sweeping the snow, make sure that you do not do everything at one stretch. Instead, take small breaks in between and make it a point to drink water. You can also use your legs while lifting the snow filled shuffle so that you do not get exhausted.

Make a juice from sugar beats

Another eco-friendly way that you can deal with the snow removal is by making a juice using sugar beets. This juice is not only safe for plants and metals, but it is also good for the concrete, people, animals and the environment in general. Many contractors also use this on the roads to melt the snow.

Opt for electric powered or battery operated snow blowers

battery-operated-snow-blowersSnowblowers are the perfect way to get rid of snow fast. If you want to make a difference to the environment, then you can opt to do for the ones that are electric powered or battery operated. These are the best alternatives to gasoline-powered blowers. It will also help to prevent pollution to the environment because of the emissions produced due to the use of gasoline.

Do not use too much of salt

As much as salt is useful to melt out the snow, it can also cause a lot of damage. The salt can cause damages to the sidewalks and drive ways in many ways. Even your flowers and landscape can sustain some kind of damage. For people who have pets in the house and if you take them out for a walk, the salt can damage their paws as well. Use salt sparingly during the winters to prevent such damages to your house and the lives at home.

Check for alternatives apart from rock salt

rock-salt.There are various alternative to rock salt that you can use. In fact, you can also make some of these alternatives at home. For example, there are some items from the kitchen that will do the same job of melting the snow just like rock salt. You can check out such options and care for the environment as well.

Use Cat Litter as an eco-friendly option

As strange as this may sound, cat litter does help to deal with the slippery surface due to snow. While this may not help in melting the ice, it does provide the necessary traction needed to make the surface non-slippery. It is also a great thing to have with you when you are driving so that you can easily come out in case you are stranded somewhere due to the snow. All you have to do is rub the litter on the tires and you are all set.

Choose coffee or sand grinds

coffee-grindsTo provide traction on slippery and icy surfaces, you can use coffee or sand grinds as well. All you have to do is sprinkle them over the surface. Due to the heat generated, it will help in melting the ice or snow from the surface.

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