7 – Amazing Places to Visit in Budapest, Hungary

Chain Bridge, Budapest.

It is really hard to find a location that is more permissive and laidback than Budapest. There are no real curfews, you can find venues even in some abandoned buildings and street food is all around you. If you want to have a great city break, this is a perfect destination for couples, young families, friends and backpackers.

The real problem with Budapest is that it is not well known. Few know about why they should experience the Hungarian cuisine and you will rarely see this city promoted on the list of top places to visit in Europe. This is a shame since there are definitely many things that you can experience in Hungary’s capital. We listed those that are often presented as being the best among international travelers below.

1. The Szechenyi Spa Baths

budapest szechenyi bathDuring the day, this is where you want to relax in Budapest. Tourists can enjoy saunas, massages and luxury spa treatments in a Turkish building ranging from the twentieth century. During weekend nights it transforms into Sparty. Sparties are night-time raves where you have access to unlimited live electronic music, alcohol and a party atmosphere where everything goes. You can practically choose what experience you will enjoy.

2. SzimplaKert

This location simply created the standard in nightlife clubs as soon as it opened in the year 2001. While many copycats appeared afterward, the original, SzimplaKert, is what you have to visit. Think about a huge dilapidated building that has many rooms and an open courtyard. Then, add edgy artwork, communist memorabilia and eclectic furniture to get this incredible ruin night bar. If you visit, be sure to try some Unicum. This is a traditional herbal liqueur that you are definitely going to appreciate.

3. Eat Langosh

Langos is the hungarian traditional fried dough pieLangosh is a really tasty Hungarian snack and a disc-shaped, deep-fried bread that is often slathered in garlic and cream cheese, herbs, salt and Bolognese sauce. You want to try it from a street vendor but there are many other locations that sell it. If you are interested in cheese and fried bread, Langosh is surely a snack you want to try in Budapest.

4. The Fisherman’s Bastion

The structure was built between the years 1895 and 1902 with the purpose of celebrating 1000 years of the state of Hungary. As a result, a neo-Gothic viewing terrace was erected right on the Danube River’s Buda Bank, on Castle Hill.

You want to visit this spot since the entire area can be described as a fairytale location. Tourists can climb an ornate tower to see boats that lazily bob along the river. Then, you can visit Ruszwurm Confectionery. This is a patisserie that is 200 years old.

5. Visit the Great Market Hall

Visit the Great Market HallThis restored tunnel features neo-Gothic architecture. When you visit you find a market where you can find the very best handicrafts and local produce. The architecture is simply superb and you will have a sensory overload because of all the smells that will surround you. At the same time, you can sample Hungarian delicacies and buy unique souvenirs.

6. Flippermuzeum

Last but not least, this is an unexpected travel destination. Flippermuzeum is actually the city’s pinball museum. Here you can find 115 pinball machines and there are also 30 old-school arcades that can be seen. The location is a Budapest basement without windows. The only illumination is offered by the machines. Flippermuzeum is really hipster and different than the regular museums you are used to visiting. At the same time, it is the continent’s largest pinball exhibition that is interactive and functional. See if you can play a game.

7. The Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge, Budapest.Opened in the year 1849, The Chain Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects the Eastern and Western sides of Budapest, going right over the Danube River. What is particularly interesting with the bridge is that it was built by a Scot and designed by an engineer of English descent. This bridge is now a symbol of economic advancement and national pride.

The importance of this historical monument is really high. Although you just have to spend fifteen minutes to go from one end to the other, it gives you views that stretch for miles. You will be able to take some great photographs on this bridge.

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