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50 megawatt tranche, soon to start for Baja solar power plant

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As far as the renewable energy market of Mexico is concerned, a majority of it is linked to wind power. But, Grupo Musa, a real estate developer, along with TIJUANA, Mexico & SAN JOSE, Calif. – SolFocus, Inc. and energy developer Synergy Technologies, collectively aspire to harness the energy of the sun too. The landmark power plant they have planned will be set at Baja California, near Tecate. The total capacity of the plant stands at 450 megawatt, but will be built in tranches of 50 megawatt each.

First 50 Megawatts of Large Solar Power Plant in Baja California

The construction of the first tranche will start in 2012 and is expected to be complete by 2013. The project will use Concentrator Photovoltic equipment supplied by SolMex Energy S.A. de C.V. that will own as well as operate the power plant. This project is strategically important for both Mexico and U.S. as this project will be detrimental to their achieving their goal of establishing energy security and also address their concern for the rapidly changing climate. Also, this project will help set up the foundations for a stronger infrastructure.

For Baja, California, it has always faced energy crisis, but, given the fact that there is abundant land and maximum days are sunny, therefore, it is the right time to utilize these key factors enhance the economic sustainability of Mexico, while also preserving the environment. The one major challenge is the hot temperature that may hamper in the working of the equipment, but with time this too can be overcome.

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