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5 Reasons You Should Adopt Eco-Friendly Homes

Adopt Eco-Friendly Homes

The need to go eco-friendly has become inevitable today with the global temperature on a constant rise and the ozone layer depleting at an alarming rate. According to a report by the World Health Organization, nearly 4.6 million people die each year from causes directly

attributable to pollution and a major portion of these mortalities is due to indoor pollution. Therefore, eco-friendly homes have become a necessity and not a choice. Before we delve into the detailed benefits of eco-friendly houses, let us develop a clear understanding of eco-friendly houses.

What are Eco-Friendly Homes?

using-bamboo-sheetAn eco-friendly home is a nature-friendly house designed and built using materials that have less or no ill impact on the environment. These houses use natural and energy-efficient products over traditional articles that are harmful to the environment. For example, an eco-house would rather use Ecoy’s range of bamboo sheets over Cotton sheets as the production of cotton sheets is a complex procedure that generates a lot of waste. Eco-homes are designed in a way to ensure all the benefits of a modern home while reducing the carbon footprint and energy needs. Therefore, eco-houses must be adopted by everyone.

Why are eco-friendly Homes Important?

Given below are five reasons why eco-friendly homes are an absolute necessity. 

1.Reduced Heating and Cooling Needs

Choosing the right materials for insulationA lot of care is exercised while devising Eco-friendly houses in terms of insulation and ventilation, which keeps the heating and cooling needs of the house low. You get an ideal temperature at home during all seasons that help you relax better, unbothered by the unbearable heat or cold waves. It helps you save a lot of money and energy that would otherwise be spent on expensive systems to cover the energy needs of a badly insulated house.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

An eco-friendly house eliminates conventional household items and uses natural and safe alternatives instead, that are comparatively more durable and hence help you cut down the maintenance cost of the house. It uses energy-efficient electrical appliances such as LED lights, Green Air Conditioners, etc. that produce less heat and are easy on the pocketbook. Eco-house extensively uses Recycle and Reuse practices that save you the additional cost of buying fresh articles. 

3. Healthy Indoor Environment

woman-using-low-Volatile-Organic-Compound-paintMost standard quality products that we use in our daily lives are generally manufactured using chemicals that can prove to be detrimental to your health. For instance, Volatile Organic Compound or VOC that is present in paints, plastics, cleaning supplies, and other indoor products are known carcinogens or irritants that are very toxic in nature. These products also create a lot of waste during the production process that is difficult to dispose of and hence affect the environment adversely. Eco houses use products that have nature-friendly components such as water-based paints, furniture made from recycled materials, and green cleaners that make a healthier environment at home.

4.Water Conservation

According to a report by Worldwide Life, some 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, and a total of 2.7 billion face the problem of water scarcity for at least one month of the year. Some researchers have even predicted that the third world war would be fought for potable water! Eco-friendly homes ensure that you do your bit in saving water from being wasted. Most eco-houses have rain barrels and use the practice of rain-water harvesting to save rainwater for later use. There is a total absence of showers in the bathrooms which helps in conserving a lot of water that would otherwise go waste. They have dual flush systems that reduce the water consumption of cisterns by two times. 

5. Reduce Environmental Impact

new home constructionOf all the other motivations, the most prominent reason why you should switch over to eco-friendly living is that it lessens your environmental footprint which is the need of the hour. With the greenhouse effect at its peak and a patch of floating plastic getting double the size of Texas between Hawaii and California, going eco-friendly has become a dire need to sustain the environment for our future generations. A green home reduces carbon emissions through efficient energy use and keeps the trash out of landfills. It lessens the impact of new construction on the world’s finite resources. Green building materials are both renewable and sustainable which means it cuts down the usage of non-renewable resources and also ensures that the renewable ones are replenished.

Hence, we see that there are more than plenty of reasons why we should adopt eco-friendly homes. Apart from saving energy, money and ensuring good health, it also boosts the productivity and creativity of an individual. People who are more sensitive towards nature have added appeal and charm in their personalities over those who are indifferent.

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