5 Objects you discard to the landfill, but should be recycled

Have you been throwing away your obsolete gadgets, devices or appliances with your regular garbage? If you have been throwing or storing your stuff in a bin, garage or attic, then give it a second thought. It can be so amazing for the environment if you carry these things to a recycling center or for refurbishing.

You can easily locate a recycling center close to your home and get all electronic waste recycled. It can save a huge amount of energy, as well as prevent toxic substances from polluting the nature. Check out here some things that should necessarily be treated in a greener way.

Old cell phones and batteries

used old GSM Cell phones

If you have a habit of upgrading your phone every time a new model comes into the market, then avoid stockpiling your old phones. You can find a recycling center that does not charge you anything for recycling your devices.

You can also think of donating your old phones to someone who needs them. Several organizations keep collecting old stuff for charity. You should also not leave your used or leaky batteries to spoil water and soil when these go to the landfills. Dispose them safely through a recycling center.

Printer ink cartridges

Printer ink cartridges

This is another item that people generally put into the trash. However, it contains poisonous chemicals that are highly dangerous for the environment and individuals. Thus, you may put these into a recycling bin or take it to a retailer who can also give you a discount while handling this task for you.

Computers, laptops, printers, and monitors

old computer and electronic waste

These are all such items that are renewed at some point of time. Thus, it becomes difficult to get rid of the hazardous waste produced by the discarded old stuff. You may contact some computer manufacturers or retailers that can dispose of your desktops or laptops safely while offering you gift cards in return. They can then safely dismantle and recycle your systems. You can send your used printers and monitors to recycling centers.

Fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs have harmful mercury that can severely pollute the water and soil. Thus, contact a recycling center to send you a box for safe recycling of these bulbs.

Household appliances

Lawrenceville, GA, USA - November 23, 2013:  Two men carry a discarded television set past an "Electronics Recycling" sign at Gwinnett County's America Recycles Day event.


Several appliances that you use at home are also finding their way to landfills. Some of these, such as televisions and refrigerators, can be extremely harmful due to the hazardous components they contain. Thus, you should get them recycles at your nearest center.

While you may not be aware, several electronic, computerized or electrical appliances discarded by you can be disastrous for the environment. Thus, try to reuse them or recycle at your nearby recycling center instead of throwing with the garbage.

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