5 Indoor lamps powered by clean solar energy

Indoor Lamps

Green energy is becoming very popular these days for its wide use and ecofriendly properties. Solar energy is being harnessed these days for various day-to-day activities and people have realized the importance of using this solar energy. These days’ indoor lamps powered by solar energy are what people are talking about.

These lamps offer a high intensity of light and brighten your house even in day time. So many such indoor lamps are available in market. Here is the list of best five indoor lamps powered by clean solar energy.

1. Riflessi


The solar lamp is the trend these days and people prefer these solar lamps as they consume no power to charge up and are durable. The Riflessi Solar-powered LED lighting system is one such solar lamp. This solar lamp is exceptionally stunning and is believed to be one of the best lighting systems ever made. This ultra-small power packed indoor solar lamp was designed by Yana klimava and he named it Riflessi. This unique lamp system is made into two parts-one is the mirror droplets and the other is the fabric. This lighting system can provide you light all day and never runs out of battery. It synthesizes solar energy to charge up its battery and hence you need not waste your electricity doing the same. During day time the fabric part of the lamp captures the sunlight and the mirror part reflects it across the room. Overall this is a perfect gadget for all those who have been looking for a green indoor lamp.

2. Graphic2

Solar Lampion

The Graphic 2 is another creative solar indoor lamp which is believed to produce high amount of light and lightens your house for the whole day. The gadget looks stunning. It was designed by Damian O’Sullivan and he named it Solar Lampion. It is specially made to harness the solar energy effectively and perform its function. It uses 36 solar cells to capture the solar energy during day time and each of these cells are connected to LED bulb structured lamp. Hang it outside your house where it can capture energy and use it when current goes off. It is capable of giving light for a longer period of time.

3. Orchid lamp

Orchid lamp

The Orchid lamps are inspired by Orchid flowers and look stunning. These are made in shape of an orchid flower and are capable of harnessing solar energy very effectively. Its awesome looks with gorgeous design is what makes it a perfect indoor solar lamp and there is nothing better than this lamp. This concept lamp is designed by artist Vivien Muller. The lamp contains photovoltaic cells on its surface and leaves to harness maximum solar energy. The energy is then stored in on-board battery which can be used effectively when required. This energy is then used to illuminate tiny devices placed in flowers. The intensity of light can be altered by rotating the petals of the flowers.

4. Sinthesya


It is a concept solar indoor lamp. This cool designed concept lamp is what will drive you crazy by its looks. No matter what it delivers, its looks are what is creating a buzz in the industry. This is still a concept solar lamp which is designed to make the maximum use of solar energy for lighting up purposes. It is inspired from the natural process of photosynthesis and derives its looks from a structure of a plant. It generates energy during daytime and illuminates it using the LEDs provided in the lamp. It can radiate energy for a longer period of time and will never disappoint you on this account. It comes with a movable head that enables easy rotation and more focus on required areas.

5. Simax solar powered lamp

Simax Solar powered lamp

It is a unique solar lamp which is inspired from the basic source of light, candle. These cool lamps are designed by Simax Materials Solutions and they announced the development of first solar lamp in their headquarters situated in Singapore. These are available in various colors and designs to attract more number of customers. These lamps can be used as an indoor lamp as well as for outdoor activities. The company is also developing solar jars and solar candles in different shapes and designs to suit the requirement of the users. These lamps are equipped with solar cells that can capture energy in daytime to illuminate light when required. These candles look cool and also deliver a romantic atmosphere.

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