5 Concept vehicles designed to be powered by renewable energy sources

Vehicles powered by renewable energy

Now a days the whole world is talking about the conservation of environment and the non renewable sources of energy. As we can see the population of world is increasing at a fast rate, hence the need of resources necessary for their living is also increasing.

The increased number of vehicles has also affected the whole world in terms of both – pollution as well as usage of non renewable sources of energy. Hence these days some of the Automobile manufacturing companies are developing vehicles which consume greener and cleaner form of renewable sources of energy like electricity and fourth generation sources of energy. This revolution in the field of non renewable resources of energy is taking place at a large scale as many of the big names in Automobile industry have displayed their concept vehicles. So here are some of the concept vehicles that can leave you amazed.

1. Axa concept electric solar powered car by marian

Axa concept electric solar powered car by marian

Axa is an electric concept car designed by Marian, the famous auto designer. The car is specially designed for busy future roads. The car features solar paneled roof top that powers the batteries in the car. The car has two LCD screens along the side of dashboard that serves the purpose of rear view mirrors. The main focus on the design of car is energy efficiency. The designer has used LED lights for saving the power consumption.

2. HXO zero-emission concept car

HXO zero-emission concept car

This amazing concept car is designed by famous auto designers Zhang Zhizhen and Wang Yanchao. The car uses solar energy and has zero operating cost. The car uses solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. This hydrogen is used by the car to power the vehicles that makes it totally cleaner and pollution free drive. Car is designed in spherical shape due to which it provides extra space for luggage. The car also supports 3G connectivity features that makes it totally futuristic.

3. Bora Kim’s Bentley Jekyll and Hyde concept

Bora kims bentley jekyll and hyde concept

This amazing concept car is designed by Bora Kim, a student by profession. Being a student he realized that our future totally depends on Solar energy and other renewable forms of energy. This car runs on solar energy, wind energy as well as electricity. The body of this car is designed in such a way that it maximizes the absorption of energy. The body of car gets transformed according to the use of type of energy, i.e., if car is running on wind energy then it changes its shape accordingly. The car supports a variety of modes of operations that makes it much more efficient in its category of cars.

4. Opel Flow solar-powered concept car

Opel Flow

Opel flow is a futuristic concept car designed by Miika Heikkinen for use on the roads of year 2049. The car features single seating capacity, with electric motors attached with the wheels. The car also uses electricity generated by the movement of the car. This car can be charged at any of the charging points. Being a zero emission vehicle it offers a cleaner ride across the city roads. The body of the vehicle is made up of very lightweight material and has an adjustable seat that provides much more comfortable ride in cars of its segment. This vehicle provides a much more stable ride.

5. YeZ concept car
YeZ concept car

YeZ is one of the most amazing concept car. YeZ is a joint venture of SAIC and General Motors(GM). The car is designed by designers from China. The car as you can see has a big leaf type structure on its top. The car has solar panels at its roof top, that gives power to the vehicle for its running. YeZ has one of the unique feature. It has an advanced system that can convert the CO2 from the environment to clean and fresh O2 (Oxygen). Hence it plays a good role in improving the quality of air in our environment. The car also features small wind turbines in its wheels. The energy that is generated by solar cells and wind turbines is stored in the batteries attached with the vehicle, that helps to power it while on the move.

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