5 Futuristic blimps that run on clean energy

Futuristic blimps

These days, it has become necessary to save your environment. Due to this growing awareness about the environment, there are many green options which are coming up every day. The same is taking place in aviation industry. Many green airships are created that are ecofriendly. These aircrafts are some cool concepts that run on clean energy.

They are said to be air cargo transport which targets countries to carry different goods right from industrial equipment to transferring food. Many companies are engaged in producing such cool concept of aircraft. Here is a list of 5 futuristic blimps that run on clean energy.

1. Project Sol’R Blimp

Project Sol’R

This zero emission blimp is great example of ecofriendly product. It is powered on by on-board photovoltaic panels. Solar impulse creates a green wave which has already become popular in the market. However A team of engineers team has started gaining more attention due to solar-powered airship that claims to take on English Channel.

This new concept of car is made of an aluminum frame that comes with outer wrap. This aluminum wrap is made from polyethylene and nylon.This blimp is filled with helium. It is currently powered by small motor that generates energy which is enough to fuel two propellers for increasing the speed of blimp of about 25mph. This airship will be launching soon whose initial test will be done in France. If the test is successful, then it will used to take on English Channel by the summer end.

2. DARPA’s self-sustaining blimp to harvest solar energy for propulsion

DARPA’s self-sustaining blimp

This blimp is designed for military uses. This airship works on high altitude reconnaissance. It is dubbed with Integrated Sensor. It can hover the horizon near conflict zones. This blimp is automated design which can fly automatically anywhere on the planet within 10 days and can also take off from the permanent ground base in U.S. Inside this spaceship there will be a huge phased array radar system. It can fly at a height of over six miles. This system is completely safe from land-based missile attacks. It is also safe at the time when enemy aircraft tries to attack it with an air-to-air missile. This ecofriendly aircraft is designed for harnessing solar energy so that water gets splitted into oxygen and hydrogen which is then combined together for generating electrical energy. The scientists working on this project claim that the blimp will be ready to fly by the year 2014.

3.Turtle airships solar blimp

Turtle Airships

This blimp is another example of ecofriendly product which is powered by solar energy. Turtle airship is designed by Spanish company which claims to deliver a clean way for travelling across the continents. The company has been working on the design for more than a year now. Its goal is to fly the airship with remote control and get some video action in reality which can become successful if enough funds are collected. For propulsion two unconventional technologies are used. For safety or to prevent the airship from getting crashed on the ground, the blimp will be fitted with some diesel drive trains. It will also have the facility of flying hospitals that can deliver humanitarian aid. This blimp can easily carry food, doctors, and emergency equipments to avoid complex delivery system and any delay by flying to areas where help is needed. This blimp will be available to the International Red Cross, United Nations, Red Crescent, and other aid organizations.

4. Strato Cruiser Blimp concept by Tino Schaedler and Michael J Brown

Strato Cruiser Blimp

This is another futuristic concept of blimp which will be launching soon. It is also called “lifestyle zeppelin”. The airship is designed to offer luxury that includes a spa, swimming pool and gourmet restaurant. It is made of helium. The goal of project is to offer lifestyle and health in travel routines which has become compacted. Other facilities like mini office, bar, will be also made available for the contemporary traveler who can relax at such airship. It is made of carbon fiber skin with helium chamber design. The design offers new level of speed, safety and ecology for travelling.

5. SOFT Blimp bumper bus

Blimp Bumper Bus

This design is full of jellyfish blimps. This aircraft will be a SOFT blimp bumper bus which will be new mean of transportation with tentacle chairs. This new strategy has proved to be a good fit for human wants and saving the environment by taking off the limitation that cars pose on humans. In this blimp, there will be dangling tentacle-like sponged seats floating around. People can catch and jump off the seat whenever they want. As the seat is close to ground and it will be running at the speed of 15 mph, jumping off will be not be risky.

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