5 Creative Hotels Made With Really Weird Things

We have seen quite a number of hotels that have been built out of unique and sometimes really strange materials. But here are some hotels that literally take the cake when it comes using very unconventional items for their structures.


The Card Key Hotel

Built out of nearly 200,000 card keys, the Card Key Hotel is the brainchild of Bryan Berg who actually holds the world record for building an entire house out of cards. Like the house, Berg has made sure that the hotel in its entirety, is filled with nothing but card keys. That includes the rooms, the walls and furnishings in the rooms and even the toilets.


The Container Hotel

Millions of shipping containers lie unused across the world today. And the TongeShanzi Landscape Design Company was probably thinking of doing the environment a favor when it decided to transform these otherwise useless gigantic metal boxes to form the Xiang Xiang Pray House Hotel, a 5 stat establishment made entirely of shipping containers.

Although the hotel may look drab from the outside, it transforms into a jaw dropping hotel inside, complete with 21 spacious, cozy and extremely luxurious guest rooms, all of which are arranged next to each other on a hillside, thereby providing stupendous views of the surrounding areas. The highlight of the hotel is that its rooms can be rearranged in different ways, and can be transported anywhere, thereby giving the Xiang Xiang Pray House Hotel the distinction of being one of the first pop-up hotels in the world.


The TuboHotel

Designed and developed by t3arc, the TuboHotel consists of discarded tubes (gigantic ones mind you) that can easily accommodate two people, and offers beautiful views of the Sierra del Tepozteco in Mexico. The tubes are designed to be spacious, comfortable as well as modular, and are really affordable for the facilities that they offer.


The Sand Hotel

Many would have heard about the Snow Hotel in Iceland. But only some would have heard or seen the Sand Hotel which is made of nothing but sand! Located on Weymouth Beach in Dorset, UK is the world’s biggest sand castle hotel that offers visitors the chance to make the most of their day on the beach by enjoying plenty of sun, sea and of course, sand!

The hotel consists of an open air family room which has a single sand bed that can be hired for $21 for a night’s stay. Being open air, the room offers great views of the ocean, and would be the perfect place to get together with your loved ones for a memorable night of star gazing.


The Palacio de Sal aka Salt Palace

Located in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, the Salt Palace is a hotel that has been built using gigantic salt blocks. The designers infused these blocks with a cement like substance which is made of water and salt as well. And while the hotel keeps on replacing the salt blocks with new ones every once in a while, guests to the hotel are asked to refrain from licking the walls in order to avoid deterioration.

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