4 Extremely Unique Solar Lamps and Chargers

Smartphone users always seem to cringe over the fact that the battery in their phones never seems to last long enough. And the irony of the fact is that you would never seem to have a charger or a power source around when your cell phone’s battery is about to die. So here’s a solution to all those charging troubles. Given below are 4 innovative solar lamps and mobile chargers that could soon become a staple item in every mobile user’s pocket or bag.


The WakaWaka

The WakaWaka solar charger taps the power of the sun to charge mobile devices. The charger has a stand fitted with solar panels which when placed under direct sunlight, can attain full charge in about 8 hours. When fully charged, the WakaWaka would be able to charge mobile phones and other small gadgets via its USB port, with the charge on it lasting up to 4 hours or more.

The WakaWaka is also fitted with a very powerful LED light that can shine for at the most 200 hours on a full charge (20 hours on full brightness mode). This enables the device to double as a torch or reading lamp as well. The price of the WakaWaka is set at $100.


The Bell Solar Lamp and Phone Charger

Designed and developed by BRIGHT Products, the Bell Solar Lamp and Phone Charger is much more than just a simple mobile charger. The solar powered device can also be used as a flash light and lamp, and comes with three integrated units. The solar unit takes about 4 hours to charge the device completely. The other units of the device include the container unit and the light unit. This device would definitely be the best option for charging your mobile phone when you are outdoors.


The Super Solar Desk Lamp and Crank Flashlight and Radio and Charger (XLN-609)

Talk of a mobile charger that can do much much more than just charge your mobile. The Super Solar Desk Lamp and Crank Flashlight and Radio and Charger can be used to charge your mobile, can be used as a reading lamp, can be used as a flashlight, and can be used as an FM radio as well.
The device is powered by the sun’s solar rays and has a 1500mAh lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. It also contains 12 individual LED lights that work together as a reading lamp, and 3 separate LED lights that can be used as a flashlight with a brightness of 2500mcd. As if all that weren’t enough, the device can be powered up to act as an FM radio.


The Supa Sola Lamp

This extremely eco-friendly mobile charger is solar powered device that is capable of charging mobiles, tablets and other battery operated devices. The device can also be used as a crank charger, flashlight, LED lamp, radio and an emergency alarm. With all these operations inside one device, the Supa Sola would definitely be a very cost effective solution for your reading  andmobile charging needs.

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