4 Green Cleaning Tips For A Pandemic-Proof Workplace

A Pandemic-Proof Workplace

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted the lives of every individual across the globe. Practices that were once overlooked, like effective cleaning methods, are now widely discussed as essential measures to fight against the threat of COVID-19 and ensure the well-being, safety, and health of people in workplaces.

Since effective disinfecting and cleaning methods are beneficial to protect against various pathways of transmission in workplaces, it’s essential to practice green cleaning practices for your disinfection needs. To ensure a pandemic-proof workplace, here are some of the green cleaning tips you should consider:

1. Choose The Right Products For The Job


When it comes to disinfection, there’s a process to follow for surfaces to be cleaned first, especially for those who come into contact with their hands. During the process, germs and dirt are physically removed from the surfaces using friction, soap, and water.

For cleaning, use products with a green seal or designed to protect the environment. You can also use do-it-yourself (DIY) products to disinfect surface areas that germs may survive on.

If possible, you can also disinfect using products that were tested for the effective elimination of COVID-19. Just be sure to follow the product’s guidelines for best results.

Some of the products you can use for green cleaning your workplace are as follows:

  • Disinfectants: They destroy almost all infectious germs on the surface. Unlike other cleaners, disinfectants don’t have any effect on dust, dirt, and oil. They must be used where required by law, in case of infectious diseases or high-touch areas like desks. In addition, follow the recommended concentrations and use strong products as needed.
  • Cleaners: They remove impurities, dirt, and germs from objects or surfaces. Work by using detergent or soap, friction, and water to physically get rid of germs and dirt from the surfaces. Cleaning before disinfecting lessens the spread of viruses more than disinfecting alone.
  • Sanitizers: They minimize germs on the surfaces to levels considered safe for public health. In addition, hand sanitizers are an affordable and simple way to stop the spread of germs in any workplace.

Providing sanitizers containing alcohol can reduce the number of germs workers encounter throughout the day. When your employees don’t have time to wash their hands with water and soap, hand sanitizers offer a time-saving and convenient solution. It can be helpful in areas full of germs, such as employees’ desks, break rooms, and meeting rooms.

To ensure your employees use hand sanitizers, make your dispensers easy to spot and accessible. Place them next to the doors and copying machines. Simple interventions like giving sanitizers could lessen the risk of getting infected in the workplace.

2. Always Use Green Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products you see on the market are created equal. The good thing about using green cleaning products is that they create a healthier environment and help improve indoor air quality. Since they don’t contain hazardous chemicals, they’re less likely to make your employees sick.

If possible, avoid cleaning products that contain chemicals such as formaldehyde and phthalates. Exposure to toxins and chemicals found in such cleaning products may cause health issues for your employees.

Sustainable products are better for the environment since they come in recyclable packaging and include non-toxic ingredients. To create a pandemic-proof workplace that promotes good health, use green cleaning products whenever possible.

3. Pick Hand Cleansers Wisely

proper Hand washing

Hand washing regularly with soap and water is vital nowadays to avoid the spread of germs and viruses throughout the workplace. If you want to have a pandemic-proof workplace and make your employees feel safe, it’s crucial to select effective hand cleansers. Ensure that they:

  • Don’t contain triclosan or quats
  • Are free of fragrances and dyes that are usually artificial components and add nothing to the cleaning process
  • Include water as one of the primary ingredients
  • Use ethyl alcohol or ethanol that is often derived from corn

4. Ensure Safe Disposal of Waste

If you want to get rid of unwanted, outdated, or used cleaning products in your workplace, make sure to do it properly. For most common cleaners like disinfectants, read their labels carefully to know if they can be disposed of down the drain with water. Avoid mixing chemicals together and don’t pour them down the drain without checking the product label first.


Due to the pandemic, keeping your workplace clean is crucial to avoid the spread of the virus and ensure that everyone is safe. By implementing the above green cleaning tips, you’re not only protecting your employees but also allowing you to protect the environment.

To get better results in keeping a pandemic-proof workplace, never hesitate to ask for help from professionals and educate or train your employees to practice green cleaning regularly.

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