Leftover Dishes You Should Try This Holiday Season

Leftover Dishes You Should Try This Holiday Season

The holiday season begins at Thanksgiving and continues until the New Year and is characterized by various food-related celebrations. Thanksgiving is on November 23 this year, six days before the festival – technically, this is longer than the optimal period for using leftovers, typically 3-4 days. However, it demonstrates what to do with not consuming food.

Each year, the same problem occurs. Although the holidays have passed, there is still enough food to go around. You can discard the scraps (which you should not do!) or repurpose the leftovers for a future meal, like leftover turkey recipes. On the other hand, not everyone enjoys eating the same dish every night.

Make the most of your leftovers by getting creative in the kitchen with these leftover meal ideas.

1. Breakfast

Ever heard of people having breakfast for dinner? You can add a slice of savory pleasure to your breakfast with some leftovers.

  1. Shred turkey and vegetables can be added to omelets, quiches, and frittatas.
  2. Make a filling hash. Sweet potatoes, greens, and eggs give a breakfast hash an autumnal taste.
  3. Try hash browns. Use butter for cooking potato cakes, then pour gravy over the top.
  4. Set up a beat. To make a lighter breakfast tortilla using turkey instead of sausage.
  5. Make the most of the gravy train. Serve biscuits with gravy on top and fried eggs on the side if you want to.

2. Sandwiches

Make your own sandwiches instead of waiting in line at the deli. Use the leftover turkey as a lean, tasty base for your own.

  1. Turkey, mashed potatoes, and other stuffing can be stuffed into white bread to make a nutritious meal.
  2. Spread turkey, sauce, and other ingredients you want to add on bread and toast in a panini press or on the stove for a more gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.
  3. Try a Texas toast. You can DIY a gourmet club sandwich by adding turkey and other meats and cheeses.
  4. Make some turkey biscuit sandwiches. Bake a batch of biscuits and fill them with sliced turkey.

3. Soups

Make a pot of soup to fight off the cold. You can make savory soups and stews with leftover turkey, grains, and vegetables in your own stock in just a few minutes.

  1. If you want to make a noodle soup without chicken, turkey is a great alternative.
  2. Make a soup with leftover cauliflower, cabbage, or squash that doesn’t have any meat, then add turkey instead of beef.

4. Salads

Have turkey in a green salad, so don’t throw away any of your greens or potatoes. Make warm grain salads and potato salads with them, and other recipes.

  1. Choose something for the season. Dress up a salad with seasonal vegetables, or make a new winter salad with turkey instead of chicken to make it more healthy.
  2. Try a warm rice salad with turkey for simple filling meals.
  3. Layer turkey, ham, vegetables, and cheese on top of leafy greens.
  4. Don’t skip potatoes. With kale and potatoes from the garden, this picnic staple gets a new look and taste.

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