4 Design Considerations for Choosing a Whirlpool Bath

When you have made the decision to fit a whirlpool bath in your bathroom you can look forward to a truly relaxing experience. A whirlpool bath has special jets of water that bubble and massage the joints and muscles, and the warm water provides a soothing experience. A whirlpool tub is an investment – which means you need to make sure you are choosing the right tub for your home. Here are a few key considerations to take into account when shopping for a Jacuzzi tub.

  1. How Often and When You Will Use the Tub

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Many people fit a whirlpool tub with the hope and expectation that they will use it every night. If that’s the case for you, choose a tub with extra features and all the design extras that will make bathing the best experience ever – if you are going to be using it every night then it is worth splashing out on the best you can afford. If you only plan on using the tub once in a while, it may not be worth including every feature in the design. Choose the ones that are essential, particularly if you are on a budget. Also, consider the purpose of the tub – if you want to soak with your loved one then make sure the bath is big enough for two, with twin seats so you both have the space to enjoy the bubbles.

  1. Best Cleaning and Maintenance Options

Look at the design of the Jacuzzi bath also in terms of how easy it is to keep clean and maintain it. Take advice from suppliers like if you have questions about how to keep the bath clean, because a build-up of water in the pipes or the bath could cause problems. Many whirlpool tubs have self-cleaning jets where you effectively dry the tub, leaving it clean and fresh for the next use.

  1. Style and Look of the Tub


Many whirlpool tubs are modern in style, with prominent silver nozzles and fittings. Consider how this will fit in with the style of your bathroom and your existing fittings. If you are remodelling you could always choose matching furniture to go with the new tub, or if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, consider how well the new tub will match. You can choose tubs that are a little more “traditional” in design if that fits best with your look.

  1. Features and Extras in the Tub

Look at the different features in different tubs, from arm rests to grab bars, moulding to head rests. The seats make a difference to your comfort, as does the position of the jets. It is a good idea to see the tub in person and even climb in to check you are a good fit. Plus, look at the style of the jets and see if you can program the settings or change the intensity of the water flow. This is great if you want a versatile tub where you can be relaxed or invigorated depending on your mood.

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