3 Tips for Living More Sustainably

Tips for Living More Sustainably

As the cost of living crisis continues to put pressure on households across the world, increasing numbers of people are beginning to review their spending habits and seek alternative ways to save money as well as help the environment by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, minimizing waste and generally making more informed choices about the resources they use.

From rising energy costs to food prices, many of the expenses associated with modern living can be reduced by adopting more sustainable methods of living. If you are feeling the call to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle this article will explore some ways in which you and your family can live more sustainably.

1.  Go Off-Grid

Data suggests that increasing numbers of people want to learn how to live more sustainably by reducing their carbon footprint and consumption of the planet’s scarce natural resources. One of the ways they are doing this is by seeking alternative, fossil-free sources of energy generation to power their homes. Living off-grid in this way can be achieved through solar systems such as solar panel installation Houston, wind, hydroelectricity and other renewable energy sources.

2.  Grow Your Own

There are several benefits to growing your own fresh produce, which does not involve the large carbon footprint associated with shipping or air-freighting fruits and vegetables to your local supermarket.

The quality of the produce is also superior due to its organic nature, allowing you to feed your family on healthier fruits and vegetables that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and which do not poison the earth or local ecosystem. With a modest spend on seeds and supplies, a bumper harvest will also ensure you are getting the best return for your investment. If you have your own animals, you also have a source of free-range and organic dairy products like eggs and milk.

3.  Conserve Water

The demand for water in the U.S has tripled in the last 50 years as the population has doubled, making water conservation an important topic that needs addressing. By conserving water you can help the environment as well as save money. Some of the ways you can reduce your usage include the following:

  • Install Water Butts: These large containers store and collect rainwater, which can then be used for irrigation purposes such as mulching soil and watering plants and flowers. The slightly acidic pH of rainwater is also preferable to most plants compared to tap water.
  • Take shorter showers: According to the European Environment Agency taking a shower uses around 120 liters less water than a bath.
  • Xeriscape: This process of landscaping eliminates the need for irrigation thereby conserving water by using drought-resistant plants that come from arid climates and need less water. Some xeriscaping enthusiasts claim it can reduce water use by up to 75%.
  • Go Low-Flow: You can reduce your water and energy consumption by fitting a low-flow shower head or other low-flow appliances such as sinks and toilets which use less water when flushing or washing hands.

By implementing the three tips in this article you will be making great strides toward living a  sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.

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