2014 – An Eco-friendly year?

As we move towards another year, we are predicting, after careful analysis of past events, whether this year is going to be eco-friendly . Let’s find out what trends say.

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2014 – An Eco-friendly year?

How keen are people on being eco-friendly this year? Is it a fad or is it going to be here for real? How are people accepting the need for such a lifestyle and to what extent are they ready to incorporate necessary changes in their existing lives?


  • Eco friendly homes– People build homes everyday and the recent trends see an increasing awareness of using sustainable materials to build homes . Whether it be the decoration in the living room or the furniture, people are going organic all the way. Even kitchens are filled with items like the shopping board made of wood or the dinnerware made of bamboo. Bathrooms , faucets, sinks and toilets are especially designed to reduce wastage of water or use the remains in gardens or backyards.


  • Eco friendly jewellery – Whether we are attending a simple function or just working at home, the size and designs of jewellery differ but one factor remains constant that people do wear jewellery everyday of their lives, whether they are male or female, young or old. However, the baubles that we wear come from places which are sad and more often than not, do not employ fair trade practices. Precious stones and jewels have been said to lead into battles and wars. Eco-friendly jewellery on the other hand is made of recycled materials available easily in nature. People are opting for more and more such purchases which have very less impact on the environment. They prefer it , in fact.


  • Eco-friendly transport – Fuel prices are forever on the rise. As a result people are adopting economical methods of transportation like public transport, cycling, walking, etc which are leading people to have healthier bodies while saving money at the same time. Carbon emissions from vehicles lead to a lot of diseases in the body and people are realizing this by the hour. We see that people are opting for electric and hybrid vehicles and car-pooling with neighbors to get to work or school.


  • Eco friendly vacations – Recent trends suggest that people prefer to go on hikes, treks and adventures and travel by eco-friendly transport rather than going on a luxury trip. People are opting to be amidst nature more and more.

A huge chunk of the population do realize the need to incorporate eco-friendly measure into their habits and everyday lives. Looks like 2014 is going to be eco-friendly after all, hopefully.

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