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2+ concept electric vehicle moves sideways for easy parking

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The ever increasing use of vehicles on the roads and the emissions produced by them has affected our environment severely. Many initiatives have been taken up by eco designers, who are upbeat about promoting the use of less emission producing vehicles. The best way to reduce emissions is by using vehicles powered by electricity. Many renowned auto companies are designing such vehicles that produce lesser noise and definitely help you reduce your carbon footprint. Recently, industrial designer Niels Grubak has come up with an electric vehicle concept, named 2+.

2+ EV-Concept Car

According to the designer, the electric vehicle concept is made for megacities that mostly deal with parking issues. The design of the electric vehicle revolves around the concept of motors, which help the vehicle’s wheels to turn 90 degrees, allowing the car to move sideways. This feature will be helpful for parking management in crowded cities. The vehicle can carry two people with luggage and four without it. The concept of the vehicle is imaginative, creative and flexible and caters to the growing need of eco friendly futuristic transportation.

Via: Nielsgrubak

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