Smart products that make bathrooms water efficient

According to recent reports about 1 billion people in the world lack access to clean drinking water and there are millions of people who succumb to water-related diseases annually. These figures aren’t only surprising, but also make the privileged think about that the hundreds of liters of water that is wasted each day in their bathrooms. By simply checking water fixtures in our bathrooms for any leaks and using products that save water, we can do our bit in preserving the environment. Here is a list of 15 innovative concepts that might be useful in saving liters of freshwater from going down the drain:

EcoDual Washing Machine

The brainchild of industrial designer Max Germano, the EcoDual washing machine is designed to reduce water consumption by as much as 50 percent. This washing machine collects water in a tank located at the bottom of the washer, which is then filtered and reused in subsequent washing cycles. The EcoDual is also equipped with a deodorization system that can be used for foul smelling clothes.

Home Core

Designed by Dang Jingwei, the Home Core all-in-one toilet concept integrates a toilet bowl with a sink, a mirror and a vanity table. Not only does the concept save space in your bathroom but also saves the tens of liters of freshwater that go down the drain. The concept features a water storage tank below the sink, where gray water is stored before being reused in the flush. In addition to the water recycling system, the Home Core also integrates a green tap that can regulate water pressure to conserve it.

Da/Spa Shower

The Da/Spa Shower by designer Victor M. Aleman is a personal shower that recycles water and distributes it to provide a massage. It consists of a purification system that includes filters and electrical systems that keep water in constant flow and temperature.

Eco Bath

Jang Woo-Seok’s Eco Bath features a flush tank that is connected to a freshwater source as well as a sink. When gray water from the sink enters the tank, it is mixed with the same amount of fresh water. This 50-50 consistency keeps your toilet drains unclogged and also ensures that 50 percent of freshwater is saved in the process.

iSAVE Faucet

Designed by Reamon Yu, the iSAVE faucet features an LED display that reads the amount of water that is being used. This simple information encourages users to reduce water pressure to save more water. Another exciting feature of the product is that it doesn’t require any external electrical connection to power the LEDs as it is equipped with a turbine that actives as the water pressurizes it to generate electricity.

Guru Tap

Italian designer Ernesto Messineo believes that his Guru Tap could lead the way for taps of the future. The tap seeks to place itself as a role model for faucet designers in the years to come by incorporating a design that offers you the opportunity to save water without compromising on water pressure. Contrary to ordinary taps, the Guru Tap is designed to direct a non-linear flow of water that further helps in conserving water in households.

Foot Pedal Faucet Controller

The Foot Pedal Faucet controller allows you to control a faucet hands-free. The devices are efficient and promise to reduce water consumption by as much as 50 percent. The design makes it easy to save water when you’re brushing your teeth of doing the dishes.

Twist Tap

The Twist Tap by industrial designer Harvey Bewley makes the user work for every drop of water. The aerator-controlled faucet makes the user twist and crank to increase water flow, persuading him/her to use only what is needed. The faucet also features a digital display that lets you see how much water is being extracted, while giving an indication of how it can be used.


The Tlalock by industrial designer Ariel Roja is a water saving toilet that makes use of gray water to flush. The system integrates a sink over the flush tank, thereby reducing water consumption by about 83 percent. The designer estimates that using this system an average family of four can save up to 17,520 liters of freshwater annually.

Gray Water Toilet System

The Gray Water Toilet System by Alison Norcott aims to make toilets eco-friendly by using gray water in the flush tank. The design features antibacterial surface coatings and a nonporous nano-glaze system that aid cleaning and flushing. For those of you who don’t want to see this soapy water doing other things as well, the toilet comes with an automatic lid closing system, which seals off the toilet during flushing. If you haven’t had a shower for a while, which might happen during the long winter months, then the toilet goes back to the normal way of flushing, of course using clean water this time.

Smart Shower

The Smart Shower can be used by people of all age groups. The system comes with an integrated work basin that provides a range of domestic activities to be carried out safely and comfortably. The shower unit incorporates a heat exchanger that recovers 50 percent of heat energy. The shower head incorporates existing aerated technology, which uses one-sixth the water of regular shower heads.

Eden Mist Shower

Designed by Alemina Vranas from the University of South Wales, the Eden Mist Shower uses aerated technology, an instant hot water function and a unique steam function that collectively work to freshen you up while cutting water use by up to 66 percent. Eden Mist is designed to save water, while letting the user enjoy full flow performance. The unit’s unique steam function cuts down water consumption even further, consuming just 1 liter per minute in comparison to conventional showers that use up to 12 liters of water per minute.

Harris A’s Gray Water Management System

The Harris A gray water management system allows the reuse of gray water from the sink to flush the toilet. Although the plan moves the sink behind the toilet, the pipes can easily be bent to retain the traditional position of being beside the toilet.

Shower Brake

The Shower Brake by industrial designers Sang-in Lee and Dae Hyun Kim helps preserve water by limiting the shower time. The system features a set of controls that allow the user to allocate a quota in terms of shower time and use only that much. Once the quota is finished, the shower displays visual stats that let the user know the amount of water used over the number of minutes. The system also allows the user to control the temperature and the pressure at which water should be released.

Water Pebble

The Water Pebble is the brainchild of product designer Paul Priestman and is a revolutionary device that encourages individuals to reduce their shower time to conserve water. The intelligent device measures the amount of water going down the plug hole when you shower and memorizes it. Later, the device uses a series of lights flashing gently from green to red whenever you finish shower.

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