Most innovative composting systems

Composting, in simplest terms is the process of creating a natural fertilizer from decomposed food and plant matter. An essential component of organic farming, this fertilizer and natural pesticide can be made by recycling everyday food and plant matter which are otherwise disposed of without much productive use. This list provides a glimpse into some of the most innovative composting systems, and their specialties.

Biophyllic Composting System:

Research has shown that close to 33% of the waste material from offices, are organic waste which are perfect capable of being reused into something ecologically friendly such as compost. Hence, with the system all the waste from offices are collected, sorted and then put into a compost bin, the product of which is used to grow smaller plants inside those offices. This creates a healthier environment for the office users, and creates a building with sufficient oxygen supply within the building.

The Bokashi Bucket:

Bokashi in Japanese translates into ‘fermented organic matter’. A common form of composting used in the Asian country, this process involves the layering of waste organic matter, and a special Bokashi mix till the concerned bin is filled. The Bokashi mix is added to ensure that the contents inside do not give out a foul odour which could occur otherwise. After filling the bucket, it is kept aside for about a week, after which the ‘juice’ produced from the composting is taken out from the tap located below the Bokashi bucket and used as a liquid fertilizer on plants. Also, the solid residue inside the bucket could be mixed with soil and used with plants.

Can-O-Worms Worm Composter

When one thinks earthworms, the feeling isn’t always pleasant but taking into account how useful they can be, they are certain worth rearing. Using a process called vermiculture; earthworms are reared in a device which looks like a worm condo, with layers and rings of worms in them. This odorless system of garden enrichment essentially involves growing worms inside the ‘worm condo’, and collecting the rich deposits left by these worms and mixing the same with the soil of plants and trees. The deposits are extremely rich in nutrition essential for plant growth, thus acting like a fertilizer for the soil. The worms and their condo have to be bought separately but once done, can provide a high quantity of natural fertilizer for organic farming. The added advantage is that this process can be undertaken whether in an apartment building or even individual housing.

Worm Bins Vermicomposting Systems

Essentially constructed as a process to convert a sizeable amount of organic waste, within a limited span time, these bins are to be fed with the raw material using the top portion. After that, one has to churn the lever on the side and in due time, a large quantity of organic fertilizer gets produced, without the presence of earth worms. Mainly meant for small scale composting, this device is much less labor intensive and saves time in the process of compost making.

Naturemill Composter

If you are short of innovative gifts for someone with tastes in organic farming, then this composting system device is the answer. Slim in design, the device fits easily inside a kitchen cabinet or in a small part of a covered balcony. Totally odorless as claimed, the mixture and production of nutrition rich fertilizer is produced automatically on feeding the essential ingredients into the machine, and the product can then be collected to be used in plants and trees.

Envirocycle Composter

A hassle free compost making procedure, this activity involves the collection of organic waste like food and plant matter into the rolling drum of the device, and in 4 to 6 weeks, a rich and nutritious plant fertilizer is ready to be used. To dump the fertilizer directly onto the spots, one had to latch and roll the device till the chosen area and then by undoing the latched door, the total contents can be then be spread out on the surface. Due to a compact design, it is a perfect device to have for one’s kitchen gardens and lawns.

Kitchen Compost Bin

Resembling a simple kitchen bin, these kitchen compost bins are meant for home compost projects. Easy to clean and refurbish, these bins need the organic waste to be fed through the top lid on the bin, and then allowed to decompose for a weeks, after which it would be ready for use in the gardens and lawns. Due to this lightweight design, it fits well into kitchens or simply hung on the kitchen wall with the help a couple of screws. Also, the special carbon filter keeps out the general foul odors of decomposition.

Indoor Kitchen Composter

Stylish and sleek, this kitchen composter is another option for home composting activities. Best used by decomposing organic waste under no oxygen, this device helps create organic fertilizer in close to half the time taken by other composting devices. Due to the compactness of design, it fits perfectly under the kitchen sink or cabinets, and could be very handy for those living in apartments.

Mantis ComposT-Twin Garden Compost Bins

A device meant to ease composting in homes, especially apartments, constitutes 2 chambers where the rich and nutrition rich fertilizer is made. All one needs to do, is feed the raw material into one of the chambers, and churn the bin with the help of the lever attached alongside and in due time, a sizeable quantity of fertilizer is ready for usage. Since the device is shut from all sides, it prevents most rodents and animals from getting to the decomposing raw material inside.

Earth Tub Composter

Mainly meant for schools, colleges, supermarkets, restaurants and hospitals, this on-site decomposer comes in a comparatively larger size as compared to the others mentioned in the list. This device has a top loading facility, where by essential raw material is put into the tub, and then the lid is shut tight. With the help of the rotating cover, the mixture is churned inside for while with the mixing auger, and after the final product is made, the unloading door on the side is opened to take the contents out. Also, there are vents on the sides which allow the appropriate mixing of air inside the tub, so that the fertilizer mixture can be prepared appropriately.

The Worm Inn

Essentially a woven bag on a PVC stand, this decomposer needs to be fed in the mixture of raw materials, which is food scraps and earthworms, before being zipped from the top. As worms consume the fresh materials of food inside the bag, they keep moving upwards leaving behind fresh casings of themselves. Over a period of time, after sufficient decomposition takes place, the mixture is taken out for use in the soil. Due to a ventilation system, the final mixture is extremely well developed and rich in nutrition. Also, after the process is complete, the bag can be taken out and cleaned with comparative ease.

Isis Indoor Composting System

Built on similar lines, of the home-based composting systems, this device comes in a compact shape, and produces rich organic fertilizers within a short span of time. Sleek in design, and the lower demand for space make it ideal for composting needs within apartment buildings, without compromising on the users’ lifestyle.

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