12 Global renewable energy leaders of 2018


The resources of the world are fast running out. The overuse and unregulated use over the years now has brought us to a juncture where fossil fuel too is fast running out as are some other forms of energy like coal. Thus in today’s time all countries are looking to develop and expand their renewable energy bank.

Be it through solar energy wind energy or nuclear energy, there is a constant effort by the countries to reduce the ill effects of fossil fuel and also find its alternatives to run the world when fossil fuel runs out. Here below are some renewable energy leaders of the world by percentage

The list of renewable energy leaders by percentage

  1. Iceland:

    hydroelectric Although a small nation, all of its energy consumption is sourced from renewable energy sources. Iceland is the proud leader in the list of renewable energy leaders by percentage and is placed above much bigger and richer nations. The energy in Iceland comes from geothermal and hydroelectric power plants and is thus completely eco-friendly. The bigger nations should take a cue from this small yet sensible nation, 100% of whose energy usage is through renewable energy.

  2. Sweden:

    The second country in the list of renewable energy leaders by percentage is Sweden and this is due to their ambitious goal taken up in 2015. They intended to abandon fossil fuel completely within the boundaries of the country and their resolve is reflected in their clean environment and renewable energy usage. They are among the top wind energy nations and they also have adequate usage of solar energy alongside this to maintain the renewable energy trail. 

  1. Costa Rica:

    Geothermal Power Plant
    This country has had impressive results to show for and have been completely off fossil fuel for two consecutive months. Their resolve to go carbon neutral by 2021 is showing its results in their efforts. Wind energy, geothermal energy, solar energy, all of these are being utilized by this tiny nation to match its words and from the looks of it they have a good chance of making it a success.

  2. Nicaragua:

    This tiny Central American country makes this list comfortably and for a good reason. They plan depend 90% on renewable energy sources by the year 2020 and their efforts have allowed them to walk the talk. They are ably helped by the presence of volcanoes which make it easy for them to have a good geothermal energy source through a lot of government investment. Wind and solar energy is also actively cultivated to meet the energy demands.

  3. United Kingdom:

    wind-energyThis country utilizes the windy climate to full extent ending up with enough wind energy to help them adopt the renewable energy options. Scotland in fact is among the top wind energy nations and there are days when 100% of its energy demands are met only through wind energy. The usage of wind energy has in fact enabled United Kingdom to think beyond the regular fossil fuel use.

  4. Germany:

    Germany is among the countries leading in solar energy and this has been achieved despite the fact that Germany is under significant cloud cover. About 78% of its energy needs are met through renewable energy as is said in the statistics from 2015 so it is safe to say that they have taken their commitment very seriously and have worked hard towards a better environment.

  5. Uruguay:

    renewable-energy-consumptionThis country is one of the best examples of how the public and private can come together and work towards setting up a sustainable environment. Uruguay has a huge wind and solar energy potential which it duly recognizes and Uruguay with a renewable energy consumption of about 95% of its total energy demands easily make the list of renewable energy leaders by percentage.

  6. Denmark:

    The target set by Denmark to be absolutely free from fossil fuel usage by the year 2050 is well on course to be achieved. In fact they are among the leading solar and energy powered countries and are developing these energy sources further to make a good name for themselves in the renewable energy world.

  7. China:

    solar-and-wind-energy.This may come across a surprising entry for you because most people know China as the world’s largest polluter which it is indeed. However it also has one of the largest investments in the world in the growth and promotion of renewable energy sources. They are the world’s largest producer of lithium ion and together with their attempts to develop solar and wind energy they also feature in the list of renewable energy leaders by percentage.

  8. Morocco:

    There is a lot of direct sunlight in this country and they have made the best use of it. Today Morocco is regarded as among the countries leading in solar energy. With such wide spread use of solar energy it has been easy for this nation to avoid the more harmful energy sources.

  9. USA:

    Benefits-Of-Solar-EnergyDespite the fact that USA is among the largest polluters in the world they have installed the largest number of PV capacities and also too many wind mills and other such setups to utilize the renewable energy options. Solar energy too is used a lot in the States that have abundant sunlight and their efforts to use the green energy sources are commendable.

  10. Kenya:

    This may be the weakest in the list in terms of economy but surely not in terms of renewable energy usage. Geo thermal energy is used in Kenya a lot and they have taken giant strides to reach an energy sustainable usage.

Final words

These countries are pioneers in a positive direction and the rest of the world must take a cue from their efforts. These countries leading in solar energy and other such renewable sources of energy are an inspiration and a direction as to how the world should move ahead to tackle the resource depletion and climate. This country wise ranking is a great indicator of how the nations fare in their consciousness.

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