Eco friendly lawnmowers to cut clean through grass

Researchers estimate that a typical gas-powered lawnmower running for half an hour produces the same emissions as a car driving 200km. In addition to emissions, the noise produced by conventional lawnmowers has made eco-conscious manufacturers figure out ways to make these machines clean. Just like electric cars are made to lower emissions on the road, designers are envisioning electric engines for lawnmowers as well that can reduce both noise and emissions. Here is a list of 12 such lawnmowers that are designed to clean the greens in a green way:

• Lawnmower Scooter:

We know mowing lawns is boring and a back-stretching routine. That only when you do it manually, but if you mow the lawns with the Lawnmower Scooter by industrial designer Vicky Petihovski, the experience isn’t only different and less painful, it is also environmentally friendly. The all-electric mower is equipped with a riding surface and features an electric motor that drives the blades and the scooter. All the cuttings are stored in a transparent bin in the front.

• Black & Decker Cordless Electric Mowers:

Black & Decker has been making electric mowers for over a decade, and has also developed three new models that will be launched this year. The new mowers include a 19”, 36V cordless mower with a removable battery, an 18” 38V model with a rear back and an 18” 12A corded model. The noise-free mowers according to the company can cut a typical 1/3 acre residential lawn on a single charge.

• Manual-Solar Hybrid Lawnmower:

Designed by Frank Deveson, the Manual-Solar Hybrid Lawnmower helps keep your lawn tidy without making much noise and no emissions at all. The lawnmower is actually based on a normal reel mower with an electric backup. The design boosts manual effort with the use of high-power batteries through use of a torque sensing system that triggers the batteries on, only when the mower is pushed. On top of this, the batteries are charged with a photovoltaic panel that is mounted on top of the mower.

• Husqvarna Panthera Leo:

Developed by robot lawnmower maker Husqvarna, the Husqvarna Panthera Leo is powered by a pack of five electric motors, which run on a rechargeable lithium phosphate battery, and the lawnmower has three separate cutters that are good for a cut of between 33 inches and 47 inches wide. The lawnmower is equipped with an LCD screen and a system that automatically determines the optimum cutting height and running speed.

• Solar Electric Lawnmower:

Designed by Studio Volpi, the Solar Electric Lawnmower looks more like a concept car than a mower, but features an onboard polymer ion battery that is recharged by solar panels. It also has an easily removable bag to get rid of all those clippings.

• ReCharge Mower:

The ReCharge Mower lets you keep your lawn in shape without emitting a single gram of CO2 or much noise. The machine is powered by three electric motors and the company claims that it’s 50% quieter than conventional mowers. The ReCharge Mower gets 900W of green power on its two blade motors, which are fueled by three sealed batteries, positioned along the center of the unit to keep you from toppling over.

• RBZG001 Solar Powered Lawnmower:

The RBZG001 is definitely more than a simple lawn mower you use every day. Ensuring a completely silent operation, the robotic lawn mower runs on solar energy to keep it completely off-grid. The mower is designed for both commercial and home use, with solar energy and network technology making it a green and a hi-tech way to mow grass.

• Sunwhisper/24:

The Sunwhisper/24 solar-powered lawnmower not only cuts down your power bill but also offers a completely silent operation. Just that the name is a touch meticulous will not do this gadget any harm for it is a capable doodad which serves the purpose efficiently and that too without causing much harm to our surroundings.

• Husqvarna Automatic Lawnmower:

The Husqvarna Automatic solar-powered lawnmower promises its users that they will never have to mow their lawns again. It has been designed for the busy people who want a professionally cut lawn but would not like to spend too much time on it. Working autonomously, the lawnmower will cut up to 2300 square meters of grass and can be programmed to come on at certain times or days of the week. Users can define the cutting area by laying a metal wire around the edge of their garden. The auto mower also has sensors in the device so it can avoid garden furniture.

• Flymo:

Designed by a student in his first year in university, Flymo is a gadget that allows you to not worry about your lawnmower and your lawn. It is an automated solar powered lawnmower that does its work without any supervision. The size of the gadget is really small and the design is really cute and that makes it really appealing.

• MowerCycle:

The MowerCycle is a pedal-powered lawnmower that looks more like a DIY mower. All you need to do is just sit on it and ride across the lawn to even it all out. Apart from the traditional energy sources being reduced in usage, this also makes sure that you get a damn good workout.

• RobotX Lawnmower:

Equipped with tank-like treads, this lean machine can tackle just about any terrain and with the effective cutting units, and the system promises you clean lawn in just minutes. The unit is operated by a remote control, which features an easy-to-use joystick. The system is powered by an electric motor, the batteries of which are recharged by the gas motor which is used to power the cutting unit, so you don’t always have to worry about a dead battery leaving the mowing job half done.

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