10 Ways anyone can contribute towards wildlife conservation

Avoid the use of plastic

The civilization has progressed for us as the human race from the Stone Age to the modern times. In the process of scientific advancements however we have missed out on the sustainable development. The other forms of life on earth have suffered great losses and many have faced extinction. Now we know that all animals are important for the survival of this planet but even today there are many instances of poaching and illegal animal trafficking. It is high time all these threatened species are protected. So in this article we will be telling you how as an ordinary citizen you can play an important role in wildlife conservation.

Some things that you can do for wildlife conservation

  1. Work with the ivory ban:
    Thousands of elephants are hunted
    Thousands of elephants are hunted in the wilderness of Africa for their tusks. This is only because ivory as a material is expensive and is much sought after in many places. Be one of those educated citizens of the world who would boycott all such ivory goods. If you want to protect animals like the elephant then you have to make sure that you not only stay clear of such ivory products but also ensure that no illegal trade of ivory goes around in your vicinity.

  2. Use the Amur Tiger Stamp: Tigers are among the most royal animals on earth. Sadly they are also one of the most threatened as many fall prey to illegal hunting. Today when their numbers are at an all time low, tiger conservation is exceedingly important. So to contribute to the cause you can buy these stamps and use them. The organization has already made a massive contribution of $2.6 million and if you want to work for wildlife conservation this will prove to be a good start.

  3. Be an educated tourist:
    visit a national park
    Are you someone who always takes the fancy trips to the exotic beaches? If you want to preserve forests then a good way to start off would be a valuable economic input through tourism. For instance you can visit a national park in your country. If need be you can even explore other countries who have done a lot of good work in wildlife conservation. The more informed you are the better your trips will end up being.

  4. Stop buying the illegal wildlife products: This is a problem people encounter when they visit a place like Africa where poaching is rampant. You might actually encounter some serious problems by doing so. Not only are you endangering the animals you are also at risk of being slapped with a hefty fine or worse still a jail term. So make your positive contribution to the protection of wildlife and quit buying any such souvenir that puts an animal at risk.

  5. Try preventing bird strikes:
    Hundreds of millions of birds fall dead after colliding against the glass windows. It is tough for them to grasp the difference and at high speed a collision means immediate death for the birds. So try to find some alternatives while setting up your windows. At least make it colored glass so that the birds can avoid such confusion and collisions.

  6. Eat sustainable food: The population of the earth is ever increasing but the food sources are limited. This means that it is extremely important to eat food sustainably. In fact you can even consume seafood. Just make sure that the item you are consuming is such a fish which has not been overfished. Overfishing and abuse of such resources can pose a serious problem not only for the fish but for the environment as a whole. Be sensible as you start your eco friendly journey.

  7. Keep your pets inside:

    Your apparently innocent pet cat is actually an able killer. In fact a large number of birds are killed by domestic cats every year. This can be easily solved by you in case you are keen on wildlife conservation. Just keep your pet cat or any such violent hunting pets indoors and within observing distance. Before you know it a huge bird population will have been saved by you.

  8. Stop the use of microbeads:

    When it comes to personal hygiene these are an important addition to the beauty products and soaps that we use. However this is not something which cannot be replaced by a healthier alternative. Microbeads are known to pass through the drains into the water bodies. There it might prove to be dangerous for the fish and other marine life and plays a devastating role on the marine ecosystem. If you want to make a positive contribution towards nature and wildlife, stop the use of this material even before the government has to ban it for you.

  9. Avoid the use of plastic:
    Avoid the use of plastic
    The focus should be more and more on the recycling of products. Plastic for instance should be kept at its minimum due to their adverse effects on the marine ecosystem and the environment. Every year we experience some whale deaths and other sea creature’s deaths caused by consumption of plastic products. Even the turtles have often been found choked up on plastic. So the lesser you can use plastic the more you will be able to protect animals.
  10. Visit the official local zoo or conservation park: Remember that the zoos that are maintained properly are actually a small scale conservation park. The more you visit these places the better you can help them to gather funds for the welfare of the animals. As a conscious citizen looking for wildlife conservation this should definitely be on your mind.

Final words

It is in your best interests that you preserve forests and work towards protecting these threatened animals. The environment is all but a massive balancing act which is impossible to put together with some animals missing in the system. So follow these tips that you learnt from this article and make a positive contribution towards a better world. Remember you life will be as good as the condition of the world environment.

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