10 Must have fashion accessories for your minimalist wardrobe

Initially, you may think it is impossible to maintain minimalist wardrobe and follow the latest trend at the same time. But if you can discard some obsolete items from your cupboard time to time you can remain trendy without compromising your minimalism. However, there are some dress materials without which you may feel yourself out of fashion. So in this article, we will provide you with a way of maintaining your wardrobe small and compact without compromising your fashion.

Some popular accessories for your minimalist wardrobe

  1. Sunglasses:
    This very important yet a small fashion item makes you elegant. You can procure the same according to your style and ability to afford from a large variety. You can carry sunglasses easily. You can keep it wherever you may like in your pants or shorts, in your bag and also in your car, or even keep them on top of your head. It is almost a must if the outside is sunny. Here it provides your eyes the required protection from sunlight. Additionally, it will add something in your look in pictures. Sunglasses are equally important accessories with one’s formal dresses.

  2. Watches: A trendy watch is a stylish and handy accessory. A matching watch on your wrist truly projects your personality.  If you are to visit a school, an office or the house of a relative or a friend, you can visit there with a watch on your wrist. Your wrist gets the right share of spotlights when there is a watch on it. You must have a watch on your wrist where you really bothered about time. There are varieties of watches of the different make of different styles. You may choose one of them for your minimalist wardrobe.

  3. Simple earrings:
    You will not compromise with your subtle looks. Then for minimalism, you have to look for small accessories. These are to be less loud. A pair of stud earrings fits the bill perfectly. If the earrings are studded with small white or color neutral stones like pearls or diamonds it would be great. You can use it always. You can highlight your earrings with suitable hair dress. For variation, you may also try with a pair of open twisted bar earrings. It is attractive and at the same time, it would fit with your casual look.

  4. Clutch minimal accessories: You must have Clutches in your minimalist wardrobe. This is extremely handy. You can carry your essentials and personal items everywhere and at any time after packing those in your favorite clutch. It will never betray you. You can add extra shine to your look by taking a clutch during your formal outings. You will get it different fabrics and style to match the mood of the event. Truly speaking a clutch virtually increases the capacity of your wardrobe.

  5. A brooch:
    A brooch
    A brooch is a very simple accessory. It may be a new one or an antique. It is never out of fashion. You would find it everywhere in Royal dresses. The brooch is a valuable stone studded decorative jewelry item there. You can attach it to add some glitter to your dress and make you gorgeous. It will also keep your garments closed for which it was originally designed. You should choose the best brooch for you among the brooches of various shapes, sizes and of different metals.

  6. Sleek black backpack: You would find your outfits with wrinkles particularly when you are in hurry. So to keep your outfits better you must have a sleek black bag for that. You can take everything in it. It will not take much space in your wardrobe. Actually, it reduces the burden of your wardrobe. You will find some backpack already existing in your stock. Otherwise, you should purchase one as per the latest trend.

  7. High-quality belts:
    High-quality belt
    A high-quality belt must be in your wardrobe already. In the market, you would get belts of different make and of different styles. You may choose one made from faux leather if you are a real conservationist. Otherwise, you may try for real leather which is costlier also. A properly chosen belt will certainly add smartness in your look.

  8. Dainty everyday necklace: You may choose a small, simple yet an attractive necklace. You may sometimes consider it as a most essential accessory in your small wardrobe. A dainty necklace will not create a space problem in your wardrobe. It describes your look elegantly in parties and outings. You would feel to have taken a wise decision by possessing the same.

  9. Fine Minimal Rings:

    Fine Minimal RingsYou can explore your fashion differently with rings on your fingers. You can mix and match them to create new ring styles for your own. Rings can be used on any day on any occasion. You can easily include it in your fashion accessories. If your budget permits, you may try for rings with stones. This may be with a small diamond or other colored one depending upon your choice.

  10. Scarves and blankets: You may find scarves in your wardrobe. It is already there. You may retain it in your wardrobe. They add color to your wardrobe. You can use some of them to add color to an outfit easily. The color, fabric, and design should match the mood of the outings. It brings variation too. It is particularly an important traveling accessory. Although during winter blankets are better options during the tour.

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