10 concept cellphones designed to be powered by self generated electricity

self powered cell phone concept

Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our lives in the modern age. It makes life so easy. Not only are we able to keep in constant touch with our near and dear ones through it, we can also use it for so many other functions like playing games, checking out emails, watching entertaining videos, so on and so forth. But this extensive use of this multifunctional device often sucks away all the power from the phone making it a dumb gadget. Many times, it so happens that the mobile needs to be charged immediately but with no charging point available nearby. To make this problem extinct, advanced technology has been used in some cellphone designs that make them capable to power themselves with self-generated energy. Here we are enlisting 10 such cellphone concepts that are designed to power themselves through self generated electricity.

1. Nokia’s Eco Sensor concept

Nokia's Eco Sensor concept

Coming from Nokia, one of the most trusted brands in mobile phones, this phone comes in two parts. One of the two parts is the mobile phone and the other is a wearable remote sensing unit. The remote sensing unit can be worn on the wrist or around the neck and the gadget would analyze and provide you with a lot of information such as about your health, local weather, the environment, etc. All these data can be then accessed in your mobile phone through NFC or Near Field Communication. This sensor unit not only consumes less power but also generates power from solar energy thus operating through self generated power.

2. Kyocera Kinetic Flexible OLED Cellphone

Kyocera Kinetic Flexible OLED Cell Phone

Kyocera has developed this concept of a mobile phone that is flexible, foldable and is kinetic energy powered. A creation of the industrial designer Susan McKinney, the phone can be used for interaction in its folded form and once unfolded it reveals a wide, OLED display screen. The technology used in the phone converts conversations or interactions into power. So the more you use this phone for interaction, the more you help the gadget generate power for itself.

3. Atlas Kinetic Green Concept

Atlas Kinetic Green Concept

This cellphone made of glass and aluminum uses kinetic energy to generate power. The mainspring of the phone gets its power from a rotor and thereafter transfers the same power to all parts of the phone. If the phone is left idle for a long period of time, then the rotor stops its movement and the phone is automatically switched off. To bring the phone back into action, you just have to whirl the crown at the side of the phone which will give power to the mainspring and your phone will come back to life once again.

4. Nokia E-Cu

Nokia E-Cu

Nokia E-Cu, designed by Patrick Hyland of London, has an in-built thermogenerator that converts any kind of heat into power. Therefore owning this phone means eliminating the need of a charger. The cover of Nokia E-Cu is made of copper and there are carved heat sinks in the phone too. You can charge the phone by placing it on any equipment that produces it. Even keeping the phone in your pocket may generate sufficient energy to charge the phone.

5. YoYo Phone

YoYo Phone

A design team of France called ModeLabs has designed this unique mobile phone concept that can generate electricity by dual modes to power and charge itself. Both the energy creating ways are green and completely environment friendly. While the first way involves generating power from solar energy through the in-built solar cells, the other mode uses kinetic energy and generates electricity from actions like bouncing and swinging.

6. Nokia Morph Concept Phone

Nokia Morph Concept Phone

This future concept of mobile phone from Nokia is a transparent, flexible design that can be changed into a bracelet or many other shapes and forms from a candy bar set. The phone, that uses Nanotechnology in it, also consists of features like self-cleaning surface, sensing and observing abilities, etc. But we have listed this cellphone here because of its ability to produce energy from local environment.

7. ModeLabs self charging cellphone concept

ModeLabs self charging cell phone concept

Among the cellphone concepts of ModeLabs is this U-Turn that generates its own power thus freeing you from the trouble of charging your cellphone again and again. The phone converts the movement of flipping the keyboard out into power and derives energy from it to perform. With this phone you do not have to bother about charging the cell or carrying the charger with you. All you need to do is flip the keyboard out and use the phone.

8. Sound powered cellphone concept

sound powered cell phone concept

Sound energy is an alternative energy form that most of us are not familiar with. Korean scientists have developed a way to turn sound energy into power which can be clubbed with mobile technology thus creating cellphones that can charge themselves with sound. So in the near future you may own a mobile phone that generates electricity for powering itself from sources like conversations or even traffic noise.

9. Echo Spin

Echo Spin

Jung-woo Choi, a Korean designer, has come up with a mobile phone concept that would accommodate two batteries in it for power. While one of the batteries will perform in the normal way as the batteries of the current times work, the other one would operate in an Eco-friendly manner. This battery would have less energy requirement for performing. This mobile phone will have a very simple mechanism to charge the phone. The phone will contain a button at the end of it which when pressed will make the phone rotate in circular motions. The phone would use this circular rotating motion as power and charge itself.

10. Mechanical Mobile

Mechanical Mobile

This phone by Mikhail Stawsky is just like any other touch-screen cellphone in the first glance. But the feature that makes this phone different from the regular ones is its ability to power itself by self-generating electricity. There are two versions of this phone with separate techniques of power generation used in them. One of the two generates power when you spin the phone and the other one needs to be cranked on the tip to create power in it.

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