Your Essential Guide to House Rendering Projects: Costs, Time Frames, Benefits, and More

House Rendering Project

House rendering may well be one of the biggest projects you can undertake for your property, and if you’ve decided that it’s necessary, then you may have certain questions and concerns. This is entirely understandable, as house rendering involves time as well as effort, and you have to have the proper budget and knowledge on how the process goes as well. Apart from this, you have to be sure that you choose the right partners when it comes to your house rendering project. House rendering comes with its own distinct benefits, and if you want to be doubly sure about your decision, it pays to know what these benefits are as well. So are you planning a house rendering project? Here’s your essential guide to house rendering projects: costs, time frames, benefits, and more.

What is it?

House Rendering ProjectHouse rendering is the external or outside wall cover of your home or property, and the render is applied by either a rendering specialist or a plasterer. House rendering protects your property’s outside walls from cold weather and rain. A typical house rendering project is finished with the application of a coat of paint to decrease the chances of the rendering from being penetrated by damp or cracking. With rendering, your home can be protected from the elements and erosion over time, and you can go for rendering which is resin-based, made from lime, or made from cement.

The basic benefits

House rendering is indeed a big decision, and nobody should take it lightly. But what exactly can you expect from such a project? Well, for one, you can choose from various renders, so even if you are on a budget, you can benefit from protection for your exterior walls. Rendering can also help improve the aesthetic appeal of your home as it allows you to choose from different colours of paint for the final finish. What’s more, if you have mismatched bricks, stains, or cracks on your exterior walls, rendering can hide these unsightly markings. Of course, one of the biggest benefits of rendering is protection from damp, mould, and moisture, but along with this, you may also benefit from a possible rise in your property’s insulation rating and even its value.

The costs

The costsIf you are planning to render your home or property, the cost is a significant factor. The price for house rendering can be anywhere from £2000 to £8000, but this will depend on your property’s size and the project’s level of difficulty as well as the methods of rendering you choose. The overall cost will also depend on your selected rendering procedure as well as materials. If you decide to do the project yourself, your costs will be lower, although it is always best to get the services of a tradesman who is skilled and qualified.

The time frame and cost of labour

The cost of labour for a rendering specialist may be from £130 to £250 each day, and the process can take around two weeks to complete if you have a large property. If you have an average-sized home, the project may last between four days to 10 days, but once again, the time frame can change based on the type of render you choose as well as the weather conditions.

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