How it works: Biodegradable battery

Biodegradable battery

Most of you want to have a long battery life so that you can use it to the fullest and need not to dispose it very quickly. Batteries which offer longer life are less harmful for the environment and in order to follow “Go Green” concept these batteries are perfect for usage. In the local stores you can always find two types of batteries; Rechargeable and Normal. Normal batteries you can use for a shorter time and need to dispose early. Now instead of buying these normal batteries, you can select rechargeable batteries which offer more service then the normal one. Both rechargeable battery and charger are available in the electronic retail shops.

You can use rechargeable batteries more than 100 times unlike normal batteries as you can charge it again and again once it indicates low charge. Now, in order to support global warming concern you can always think about eco friendly products and when discussing about batteries; explore sugar powdered batteries which are lightweight biodegradable batteries. Sugar batteries are introduced as eco friendly product and it offers longer shelf life than the lithium batteries. Now if you want to know little more about these biodegradable batteries, explore this article to have a basic concept on this product.

What it is:

When coming for the definition of biodegradable batteries, it can be defined as lightweight batteries that include biodegradable components like glucose and anything sugary. It offers paper thin appearance with excellent long shelf life. Such a product has been invented by the researchers of Mintree to offer great support to the environment as well as its customers who can experience a longer usage.

Materials used:

The researchers have developed this battery that includes tree sap, flat soda pop and anything that is sugar. Scientist introduced and developed batteries from living things that uses sugar as a fuel and some specific enzymes from nature. Any sweetened drink can be the best option for sugar powered batteries. Fizzy sodas are not that good option for these biodegradable batteries as the carbonation often weakens the power cell. Apart from fizzy drinks any other source that uses sugar as a fuel can considered as the best option for sugar powered batteries.

How does it work:

These biodegradable batteries have been introduced for supporting environment and they are powered with the support of a sugary fuel. Enzymes from nature, flat soda pop and tree saps are used to produce these power cells. Mintree and her team mates included enzymes from nature that are capable of exploring charges from sugar which in turn generate electricity in these power cells.

This natural enzyme is placed into membranes that is produced from crustacean extracted commercial compound. Now the integration of this membrane is done into the fuel cells to produce biodegradable batteries. Like any other fuel cell, these batteries combine sugar as a fuel. This sugary fuel combines with water which acts as by product and air that supports generating electricity. The sap from a tree, soda pops and any sweetened drink mixes are perfect to run these biodegradable batteries. With lots of researches it is found that the best result is obtained by combining table sugar with water. The best part is when into usage these sugar powered biodegradable batteries offer 3-4 times longer service when compared with lithium ion batteries.

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