Why is Organic Lawn Care so Important?

Organic Lawn Care

The appearance and health of your lawn is important. You want a beautiful, green, lush space not a patch of dying grass. You may think that getting the lawn that you want means that you need to use chemical fertilizers. This is not the case. In fact, using chemicals on grass can actually do more harm than good.

The best way to make sure your lawn is in good condition, and is good to look at, is to use organic lawn care techniques. The methods you use are good for your lawn, your family and the environment.

Why organic lawn care is the best option

Organic Lawn CareUsing chemicals on your lawn may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Pesticides, and other chemical products, can kill good organisms as well as bad ones. This weakens a lawn rather than protecting it. The weakened grass is then more susceptible to disease.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides can also be harmful to pets and young children if they come into contact with them. It’s very easy for animals, and even pre-schoolers, to put some treated grass in their mouth while you are not looking. In the wider picture, using chemicals can be damaging to the environment. We only have one planet and we need to look after it.

How to care for your lawn organically

Organic lawn care takes a little effort, but once you develop a system it’s not difficult. There are certain things that you need to concentrate on.

Making sure that you have good soil

Test Your SoilIf your lawn is growing naturally, it needs to be able to get nutrients from the soil. You can check if this is happening by cutting a small piece of lawn and soil and checking its condition. If the roots of the grass are numerous and healthy, and the soil is crumbly and soft, this is a good sign. If the soil is compacted and the roots are dying, you will need to aerate your lawn and think about using an organic fertilizer for a while.

Using organic fertilizers.

When you get into a routine of growing your lawn naturally, you should not need to use any fertilizer. However, if you need a little help to start with, you can use an organic fertilzer annually or twice yearly. This helps to improve the quality of grass and soil, until the lawn can grow healthily on its own.

Mowing in the right way

Mowing It’s not a good idea to leave mowing your lawn until the grass is very high. When you cut grass, nutrients are taken from the roots and used to stimulate re-growth. When you mow the lawn regularly, it reduces the strain on the roots. However, you should not mow when the grass is not growing or when the weather is very hot. Generally, aim to keep the grass at a height of around two inches.

Maintaining a good organic lawn care routine means that the grass should be healthy and good to look at it. It also means that you avoid the safety issues and environmental impacts that accompany the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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